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Baker Botts LLP

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Baker Botts LLP is a Vault 2011 Top 100 law firm that is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The firm is a leader in oil and gas transactions in addition to other complex legal transactions dealing with energy and life sciences. With thirteen offices across the globe, Baker Botts enjoys all the perks of a big firm.[1]



For over 170 years, Baker Botts has worked on complex legal matters which has attracted some of the brightest legal minds to the firms many locations.

The firm also participates in various pro bono activities, many of which are connected to the local area the firm is located in. Baker Botts dedicates the same time, energy and legal resources into their pro bono clients as they do their paying clients. The firm is also committed to fostering a diverse climate and engages in a variety of iniatives to ensure that their commitment to a diverse workplace continues.

Baker Botts Practice Areas

Baker Botts has a range of practice areas, including:[2]

  • Air Quality
  • Alternative Energy
  • Hedge Funds
  • Labor and Employment
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Income Tax
  • Water Quality
  • Waste and Redemption
  • Life Sciences Practices
  • Mining
  • Nanotechnology
  • Joint Ventures
  • State and Local Tax
  • Outsourcing

Baker Botts Size

Baker Botts employs over 700 attorneys in addition to a sizeable professional staff.

Baker Botts Offices

Baker Botts employs over 700 lawyers throughout their 13 office locations:[3]

  • Abu Dhabu
  • Austin
  • Beijing
  • Dallas
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Moscow
  • Dubai
  • Riyadh
  • Houston
  • New York
  • Palo Alto
  • Washington

Baker Botts Recruiting

The firm places great value at finding top attorneys early on. Their law school recruiting and summer associate programs reflects this committment.[4]

Because of the many niche practice areas of the firm, Baker Botts also recruits seasoned attorneys to join their practice.

Baker Botts Salary and Bonuses

Baker Botts provides a competitive salary for its employees.

Associate Base Salary Bonus Range Bonus Comments
Low High Discretionary

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year $195,000

6th Year

  • Salary based on June 2000 figures.[5]



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