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Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

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Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP is a top-ranked law firm headquartered in New York City, New York. As many firms have evolved into a more casual, less demanding atmosphere, Cravath still expects the best out of its associates, including long hours and always a suit and tie.



Despite being recognized as one of the top law firms in the country, Cravath is unique in that it doesn’t seek to take over the world through global expansion or by having the most lawyers under its roof(s). Instead, Cravath seeks to provide excellent service to its clients, to be capable of handling the most complicated matters, and able to resolve the most demanding disputes.[1]

Though traditionally known for its strength in its litigation and corporate law departments, Cravath has grown and developed other successful areas of its practice, serving many different crucial industries.[2]

Cravath is also known for its pro bono work. Continuing with its long-standing commitment to offer representation to those who cannot afford it, Cravath regularly throws its entire building-full of resources at problems, pro bono matters included. Cravath does so not only to seek to improve the legal system and the people caught up in it, but to also give its attorneys the experience of handling different matters, to prepare them for any eventuality. Associates at Cravath can expect to work on pro bono matters in each of the firm’s practice areas.[3]

Diversity is also an issue of importance to Cravath. Cravath has long recognized that the firm can benefit from the experiences and different backgrounds that a diverse workforce can provide. Cravath supports diversity both inside and outside of its organization through the creation of and participation in various diversity groups, initiatives, and organizations.[4]

Cravath Swaine Areas of Practice

Cravath Swaine has 7 primary areas of practice with further specialty within each primary group. A list of their primary practice areas is as follows:[5]

  • Corporate Law
  • Executive Compensation & Benefits
  • Trusts & Estates
  • International
  • Litigation
  • Tax
  • Pro Bono

Cravath Swaine Offices

Cravath Swaine has only two offices - one domestic, and one abroad.[6]

  • New York
  • London


Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP
Worldwide Plaza
825 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10019-7475

Phone: (212) 474-1000
Fax: (212) 474-3700
Web: www.cravath.com

Cravath Swaine Size

Cravath Swaine employs over 500 attorneys across two offices.[7]

Cravath Swaine Recruiting

Associates at Cravath praise the top-quality projects they get to work on as well as the reputation that the name Cravath brings. Complaints center on the demanding, exacting culture at Cravath, with associates burdened by the expectation of perfection, the lack of free time outside of the firm, and the fact that performance feedback is rarely offered.[8]

Cravath typically hires from its pool of summer associates, but also accepts applications from third-year law students who weren’t summer associates as well as former judicial clerks. Cravath does not hire associates laterally, so it takes care to hire its associates early on, including a demanding full-day interview process.[9]

Like many other top law firms, Cravath provides its associates a comprehensive suite of perks and benefits. Medical, dental, vision, life, disability, business, and travel insurance is provided to associates. Four weeks of vacation, paid parental and caregiver leave is also offered. Emergency childcare, 401(k) contributions, subsidized gym memberships, bar association fees and dues, also round out the package. Cravath even provides an on-site cafeteria, parking reimbursement, and other various discounts to its associates.[10]

Cravath Swaine Salary and Bonuses

Associate Base Salary Bonus Range Bonus Comments
Low High Discretionary

1st Year

$30,000 No
2nd Year

$40,000 No

Based on June 2007 figures.

Bonus not related to hours or merit. Will prorate.[11]

Incoming associates who have completed a qualifying clerkship receive a clerkship bonus of $50,000; those who have completed a clerkship of two years or two one-year clerkships will receive a bonus of $70,000 (in lieu of the $50,000 bonus described above). Incoming associates who have completed one or more qualifying clerkships will receive one year of class credit for partnership consideration purposes. In addition, they will receive a year of credit for compensation purposes, up to a maximum of two years, for each year they clerked. Incoming associates who have completed a U.S. Supreme Court clerkship (and at least one other qualifying clerkship) will receive an additional bonus and two years of class credit for all purposes.[12]


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