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Quick Facts on Receiving Compensation for Flight Delays What You should Know

It happens to the best of us, regardless of how good our planning may be: you’ve done all you can, making sure you have all the necessary documents, following all baggage regulations, getting to the airport on time, only to find out that your flight is delayed and you’re bound to miss an important appointment. Even worse – the airline tells you that the delay is beyond their control and there’s really nothing that can be done. Well, don’t be fooled; often, you have the right to compensation. To all travelers: here are some quick facts on receiving compensation for flight delays – what you should know.

Oh, those delays!

It’s an international problem, and the UK certainly has its fair share of it. In fact, a survey with 2079 UK adult respondents claimed that of all the hassles that they could name whilst traveling, the delays of flights was at the top of the list. It happens more often than you would like to think, and often results in bad starts to holidays, loss of money with hotel bookings, and even cancellations due to the inability to get connecting flights.

Denied boarding regulation

Here’s the deal: if you are properly booked (meaning, you have confirmed it), have checked in on time and are flying from a EU airport or with an airline whose headquarters are within the EU, the denied boarding regulation is in effect and airlines are supposed to help you in any way they can – and offer assistance or compensation.

Your rights

You have rights if something goes wrong, and this includes:

Two free phone calls, faxes or emails
Free hotel accommodation and transfers if overnight stay is required
Refunds in case you choose not to travel anymore

Of course, there are some prerequisites and it depends from situation to situation, but don’t be fooled – you have rights!

Are you entitled?

Unless the airlines can prove that the delay was caused by things beyond their control (weather conditions, war, security threats, and so on), you are entitled to compensation that fits the situation you are in. And don’t always believe the airline; if your flight is delayed but others take off on time, they may be hiding things from you.

Don’t be fooled by the strong language or the policies of the airlines – often the person whom you talk to is just following a certain protocol dictated by management and he or she may not exactly know what to do as well. In fact, airline employees are merely directed to exercise crowd control and appease the customer until a solution is communicated from higher up. Don’t let yourself be tricked. You have rights. And you may be entitled to Delayed flight compensation.


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