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New York University School of Law

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Founded in 1835, New York University School of Law is located right in the thick of New York City, New York in Greenwich Village. NYU Law has historically offered and continues to offer a breadth and depth of legal education unparalleled at other schools.



New York University School of Law was founded in 1835, and is located right in the city streets of Greenwich Village in New York City. NYU Law prides itself on being a school of diverse background with many different areas of academic specialty.

NYU Law offers three different degree programs – J.D., LL.M. and J.S.D. It also offers 9 different joint degree programs, allowing students to pursue other graduate degrees during their tenure.

NYU Law boasts a low student to faculty ratio of 9.4:1. In addition to the approachability of the faculty, NYU also offers many other opportunities for academic excellence through its 27 centers and institutes, 10 student-run law journals, and over 60 different student organizations.[1]

NYU Law’s student body is made up of over 1,400 students with over 470 students graduating each year. The gender gap is small, with 53% of the student body made up by male students. Twenty-three percent of the student body identifies themselves as students of color. For the class that entered Fall of 2010, 448 students that were accepted enrolled. The enrollees represented 43 different states and the majority had GPAs between 3.6 and 3.9 and LSAT scores between 169 and 175.[2]

Cost-wise, NYU Law is one of the more expensive schools out there. Tuition and fees for 2009-2010 were calculated to be $44,820 with room and board expenses an additional $20,914.

In exchange for those high costs, NYU Law offers countless opportunities for academic enrichment. NYU Law plays host to countless areas of focus, centers, clinical programs, fellowships, and study abroad programs.

Students who graduate from NYU Law also seem to have no trouble seeking employment. It is reported that 97% of students who graduated in 2009 secured their first or second choice of jobs.[3]


Of course, rankings are vitally important to not only a school but also its students and alumni. Schools continually seek to improve their standing on the various lists and know that rankings are a big part of why students choose to attend a school. Students seek out highly-ranked schools to improve their employment prospects, and alumni appreciate graduating from schools with high rankings for their future career development. It also goes without saying that a high ranking often affords a certain amount of arrogance or even feelings of superiority over others, often assumed by schools, students, and graduates. U.S. News and World Report ranked NYU Law 6th on their list overall,[4] and 4th when it came to elite law firm placement.[5]

What They Are Saying

Known for being one of the first law schools to admit women and others discriminated against by other schools,[6] NYU is proud of their diversity and top tier status as a law school. NYU has even been known to call itself “the preeminent global law school.”[7]

NYU fell from 5th to 6th place in the most recent U.S. News and World Report Rankings.[8]


As any law school student knows, grades are incredibly important. It can cause more problems than just stress when grades are delivered late, even affecting employment opportunities. That said, NYU Law has been accused of favoritism for allowing some professors to report semester grades incredibly late without much explanation.[9]

NYU Law Fellow Nir Rosen resigned recently after posting offensive comments to Twitter about an attack on CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo, Egypt.[10] Ms. Logan was sexually assaulted during that attack.[11]

Notable Professors

  • Rachel Barkow
  • Ronald Dworkin
  • Richard Epstein
  • Samuel Rascoff
  • Helen Hershkoff

Notable Alumni

  • Lamar Alexander – U.S. Senator from Tennessee
  • Ma Ying-jeou – President of Taiwan
  • Judith Kaye - Former Chief Judge, State of New York Court of Appeals


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