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CabinetCable Television
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLPCaesar Augustus RodneyCalder v. Jones
Caldwell Helder Helms RobisonCaleb CushingCalendar
California Medical Parole BillCalifornia Proposition 8Call
Calvin CoolidgeCalvo ClauseCalvo Doctrine
CameraCameras in Court
Canada Privacy LawCanada and the United StatesCanals
Cancellation of an InstrumentCanon Law
Canon Law Society of AmericaCanons of Construction
Canons of EthicsCapacity
CapiasCapital AssetCapital Punishment
Capital StockCapitalizeCapitation Tax
CaptionCarachuri-Rosendo v. Holder
Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball CompanyCarnal Knowledge
Carol Elizabeth Moseley-BraunCarpetbag JudgesCarrier's Lien
CarriersCarrington ReportCarroll v. United States
Carry-BackCarry-OverCarrying Charges
CartelCarter GlassCarter Walker Wesley
Carter v. HinkleCarty HoustCaryl Chessman
CaseCase Agreed onCase Law
Case MethodCase Stated
Case in ChiefCase or ControversyCasebook
Cash BasisCash Surrender ValueCass Gilbert
CasualCasual EjectorCasualty
Casus BelliCategorical
Catharine Alice MackinnonCausa MortisCause
Cause CélèbreCause of Action
CaveatCaveat EmptorCease and Desist Order
CedeCelebration of Marriage
Celia, a slaveCell phones and driving
Center for Constitutional RightsCenters for Law and Legal Studies
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesCentral Intelligence AgencyCentury Digest®
CertificateCertificate of DepositCertificate of Occupancy
Certification ProceedingCertified CheckCertified Copy
CertiorariCessionCestui Que
Chain ReferralChain of CustodyChain of Title
ChambersChamizal Tract
Champerty and MaintenanceChancellorChancery
Chapter 11 bankruptcyChapter 7 bankruptcyCharacter Evidence
ChargeCharge-OffCharitable Trust
CharitiesCharles Austin BeardCharles Devens
Charles DoeCharles Evans Hughes
Charles Evans WhittakerCharles Everett KoopCharles Hamilton Houston
Charles Henry ButlerCharles Joseph BonaparteCharles Lee
Charles O'ConorCharles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge
Charles SumnerCharles WarrenCharter
ChattelChattel Mortgage
Chattel PaperCheckCheckoff
Cherokee Cases
Chester Alan ArthurChester Trent Lott
Chicago EightChicago Jury ProjectChicago School
Chief JusticeChild AbuseChild Care
Child CustodyChild Labor LawsChild Molestation
Child PornographyChild Support
Children's Defense FundChildren's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)Children's Rights
Chilling Effect DoctrineChimel v. CaliforniaChinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Chinese WallChinese drywallChisholm v. Georgia
ChoateChoseChose in Action
Christian CoalitionChristian Legal SocietyChristopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus LangdellChurning
Cipollone v. Liggett GroupCircuit
Circuit CourtCircumstantial EvidenceCitation
Citizens United v. Federal Election CommissionCitizens for Decency through LawCivil Action
Civil DeathCivil DisobedienceCivil Law
Civil ProcedureCivil Rights
Civil Rights Acts
Civil Rights CasesCivil Rights Movement
Civil ServiceCivil War
Civil case turns into criminal investigationCivilian Review BoardsClaim
Claim for ReliefClara Shortridge Foltz
Clarence Seward DarrowClarence Thomas
Clark Mcadams CliffordClass Action
ClauseClause ParamountClayton Act
Clean Water Act of 1977
Clear TitleClear and Convincing ProofClear and Present Danger
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLPClemency
Clement Furman Haynsworth Jr.Clergy MalpracticeClerical Error
ClerkClientClient Security Funds
Clifford Chance US LLPClose
Close WritClosed AccountClosed Corporation
Closed ShopClosely HeldClosing
Closing ArgumentClotureCloud computing
Cloud on TitleClubCo-Maker
Code PleadingCode of Federal Regulations
Code of HammurabiCode of Judicial ConductCodicil
CodificationCoercionCoffee Party
CognizableCognizanceCognovit Actionem
Cognovit NoteCohabitationCoinsurance
CointelproCold War
CollateralCollateral AttackCollateral Estoppel
Collateral HeirCollateral WarrantyCollective Bargaining
Collective Bargaining AgreementColleges and Universities
Color of LawColor of OfficeColor of Title
ColorableColumbia Law SchoolCombination
Combination in Restraint of TradeComityCommerce
Commerce ClauseCommerce DepartmentCommercial Code
Commercial LawCommercial Law League of AmericaCommercial Paper
ComminglingCommission on Civil Rights
CommissionerCommissioners on Uniform Laws
Commissions of InquiryCommitmentCommitment Fee
CommitteeCommodityCommodity Credit Corporation
Commodity Futures Trading CommissionCommonCommon-Law Action
Common-Law CourtsCommon-Law MarriageCommon-Law Pleading
Common-Law TrustCommon CarrierCommon Council
Common CountCommon DisasterCommon Lands