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Overview of Tax Law

The tax law category includes articles related to the imposition of taxes on individuals, property, and corporations by local, state, and federal governments. This body of law governs taxation, including the internal revenue code; rules, regulations and decisions of the Internal Revenue Service; and judicial decisions interpreting the tax code, rules and regulations. Common topics in tax law include federal income tax laws, state taxes, tax audits, estate planning considerations. Tax law also concerns the functioning and structure of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) -- the primary enforcer of income tax laws in the U.S. -- and tax issues as related to other fields of law.

Federal tax court decisions also establish tax law. The tax court issues two types of decisions: tax court regular opinions and tax court memo decisions. A tax court regular opinion is analogous to a published opinion. A tax court memo opinion can be considered an unpublished opinion. 

Federal Tax Law

Federal tax law is codified through the body of law called the Internal Revenue Code ("IRC"). This includes: Title 26 of the U.S. Code, Title 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as well as proposed, temporary and revenue regulations issued by the IRS. However, relevant statutes may be outside the IRC when an agency other than the Treasury Department has primary responsibility for that area of law.

Popular topics of federal tax law include income tax, inheritance tax, estate tax, gift tax, tax deductions, tax credits, and depreciation. Since 1913, the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted the federal government the power to venture into personal income tax law; prior to the amendment only states had the power to levy direct personal income taxes.

Local Tax Law

Beyond federal sources, tax law is also established by states, counties, cities, and municipalities. They can be found in legislation and tax court decisions issued by those government authorities. Each jurisdiction has a tax code regulating taxes on individuals, businesses, organizations and other types of entities. Similar to the federal system, each state has a distinct taxation agency charged with collecting and enforcing its tax code. These agencies are charged with the administration of the tax laws and provide individuals with information about tax rates and personal income tax law; tax return filing requirements; forms; and other resources. Businesses needing to understand their states' income tax laws will also find these agencies to be very informative. 

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