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{{Emerging law}}<br>
{{Emerging law}}<br>
and for the opinion tab:
{{Law school case}} <br>
<i>and for the opinion tab:</i>
{{Opinion}} <br>
{{Opinion}} <br>

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<<note: Include a few sentences that answer the question "what is this article about?" Then you can add relevant headings using the "==" code in wikitext or Heading 2 in WYSIWYG. These <<notes>> are intended to help structure a new article, and you can delete them before publishing. Thank you for contributing to LawBrain.>>

where appropriate, you can insert one of the following template boxes directly after the opening few sentences (and before the headings).

  • This LawBrain entry is a stub. Please help us expand it! Click the 'Edit' tab above to add to this page.

  • This LawBrain entry is about a case that is commonly studied in law school. You can find, contribute to, and create other common 1L, 2L, and 3L cases in the Law School Cases category. And you can use the Opinon tab above to discuss hypos. For more information on editing, visit the LawBrain edit help page.

and for the opinion tab:



<<note: Include a brief introduction to the topic here, if appropriate.>>


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