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Testing page protect.

Practice Editing and/or using wiki mark up text here. [1]

A good tutorial on wikimarkup is available at Wikipedia [2]




[Summarize and discuss your topic here]

testing edit functionality and speed.


states and capitals, in no particular order
state capital notes
Arkansas Little Rock state drink is milk
Alaska Juneau
Rhode Island Providence state flower is the violet
Hawaii Honolulu is the youngest state
New York Albany state animal is the beaver
California Sacramento state insect is the honeybee

Marital property

state community property?
Alabama no
Alaska by agreement
Arizona yes
Arkansas no
California yes
Colorado no
Connecticut no
Delaware no


linking to a category -- Internet Law category Family Law topics

linking to a page section/anchor -- Arizona Senate Bill controversy, South African privacy law

Multiple Users Editing a Page

Q: What happens when multiple users edit a LB article simultaneously?

A: When the second user (i.e. the second one to save) tries to save his/her edits they are redirected to an "Edit conflict:Help:Sandbox" page with the lead text: "Someone else has changed this page since you started editing it..." Below that will the the text box that contains the previously saved version of the page.

If the second user scrolls past the category cluster, s/he will see a breakdown of differences between his/her version of the page and the previously saved version. If s/he scrolls even further down there will be another text box containing his/her version of the edit.

It is up to the second user to reconcile the changes and integrate them into the first text box at the top of the page, and then save.


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a little test


  1. If you want.
  2. The English version of which is at this site.

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