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Top ten ways to help LawBrain build a vibrant community

1.      Join.  The best way to build a vibrant community is to become part of it.  So go ahead and get involved.  Even as you browse categories and read entries, you join the growing LawBrain community.  To make it more robust, take an active role by sharing your opinion, editing content, or even creating new entries!

2.      Contribute.  It's easy to find content that needs help .  Take a look at the “Most wanted pages” listed on the home page or click on the categories link to the right and then clikc through to “Stubs”.” Stubs are entries which have been categorized as needing help.

3.      Share.  Wikis are social so go ahead and share the entry you just read or the edit you just completed/corrected.  The Share icon on the bottom of each page enables you to email , bookmark and share content through a wide variety of internet channels.

4.      Be an ambassador. We need your help in building this community.  You can help by thinking of the five or so friends, be they lawyers, law students or anyone interested in certain legal topics and telling them about LawBrain.  Again, clicking through The Share icon on the bottom of the home page, a specific topic and or community project might be a good introduction to material of  interest to your friends?

5.      Collaborate. Start a collaborative project for your own class our group and benefit from the legal minds out here on LawBrain.  Suggest one for our home page spotlight by getting intouch with us on the feedback page.

6.      Blog it.  Are you a blogger?  If LawBrain has changed the way you look at legal content, consider letting others know! You can link  legal terms to their respective LawBrain entries or even blog about an ongoing discussion in an "Opinions" section. 

7.      Create. The law is dynamic, and so is LawBrain.  If there is a new or emerging topic that you don't see a page for.  Start it yourself! You can find tips in the help sections on creating an entry from stratch.

8.      Tag a few.  Want to do more than read articles but not ready to edit or write? Consider tagging articles with descriptive, useful terms to make entries easier to find through browsing.  You can find a list of articles ready to be tagged under the "Toolbox" section of the left-hand navigation bar.  Just click "Special Pages" and "Uncategorized Pages" to get started. 

9.      Pull out the red pen.  If grammar and spelling are your fortes, take a stroll through the pages listed under "Most Recent Additions" on the homepage...with your editor's cap on.  Look to maintain a helpful, neutral tone and a high standard of quality for posts.  Future LawBrain users thank you!

10.   Go for the glory.  If all you ever wanted was a little recognition, make quality edits so you can make the "Top Contributors" list on the home page.  Yes, those numbers in [brackets] refer the number of edits a user has made.  Want to make this list?  Jump in!

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