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== External Links  ==
== External Links  ==
*[http://www.google.com add external link]  
*[http://www.google.com add external link]  
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== Related Resources on FindLaw  ==
== Related Resources on FindLaw  ==
*[http://criminal.findlaw.com/crimes/a-z/insurance_fraud.html Insurance Fraud § Criminal Law]  
*[http://criminal.findlaw.com/crimes/a-z/insurance_fraud.html Insurance Fraud Criminal Law]  
*[http://criminal.findlaw.com/crimes/a-z/fraud.html Fraud § Criminal Law]
*[http://criminal.findlaw.com/crimes/a-z/fraud.html Fraud Criminal Law]
== Related Blogs on FindLaw  ==
== Related Blogs on FindLaw  ==

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Insurance fraud occurs when an insured individual or entity exaggerates or falsifies an insurance claim in order to receive unjustified compensation for injuries or losses.[1]

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  1. http://criminal.findlaw.com/crimes/a-z/insurance_fraud.html

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Related Resources on FindLaw

Related Blogs on FindLaw

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