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Martin v. Herzog

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Martin v. Herzog, 126 N.E. 814 (1920), was an early torts case looking at duty as it relates to customs and statutes.

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Summary of Case Facts

Plaintiff and deceased husband were stuck in their buggy by the defendants car when he was rounding a curve in the road and the plaintiffs did not have their lights on. Plaintiff’s allege negligence because the defendant didn’t keep to the right of the center of the highway. Defendant charges the plaintiff’s decedent with negligence because he was driving without his lights on and claims a prime facie case of negligence.


Whether the buggy without lights on was the causal connection between the defendants negligence and the death of the plaintiff’s husband?

Holding and Law

Yes, the buggy driver was in violation of a statute intended for the protection of travelers on the highway.The absence of lights on the buggy was a contributing factor to the accident.

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