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MySpace Privacy Policy

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The MySpace Privacy Policy regulates privacy settings and options for users of the social networking site MySpace.com. The current version of the MySpace privacy policy was set forth in February 2008.




MySpace is a technology company connecting people through personal expression, content, and culture. MySpace strives to empower its global community to experience the internet as a social medium by integrating personal profiles, photos, videos, messaging, games and music. MySpace launched as a technology company in January 2004 and later was acquired by News Corporations in October 2005.[1] Currently, MySpace has more than 113 million actives users worldwide and 70 million unique users in the United States.[2] As a search engine, MySpace ranks at 20 based on the April 2010 study done by comScore of U.S. search engine rankings. Facebook ranks at 15 in these results. Id.

MySpace Privacy Policy centers around the use and sharing of personally identifiable information ("PII") -- your full name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, and credit card number. Since users generally submit this information voluntarily, privacy concerns surrounding this data remain relatively innocuous.[3]

Non-PII data includes user information such as the following: instant messages (IMs), IP address, browser type, log-in patterns (also known as "pen trap and trace"), photos, email messages, status updates, friends lists, mood updates, videos, bulletins, blogs, subscriber information (date of birth, name, email address) and other aggregate user data.[4]

Privacy Policy

The current MySpace Privacy Policy has existed since February 28, 2008. In its policy, MySpace promises to keep users abreast of their options regarding use of your PII unless otherwise disclaimed in the "Use" section. According to this section, MySpace will only release PII without your prior consent under the following circumstances: (1) protect or defend the legal rights or property of MySpace; (2) protect the safety and security of users; (3) protect against fraud or for risk management purposes; or (4) comply with the law or legal process.[5]

Federal and State Law


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