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Opinions:Arizona Senate Bill 1070

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Celebrity Response to Arizona Immigration Law

Latino celebrities are joining the fray against Arizona Senate Bill 1070. Stars like George Lopez, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Eva Longoria are engaging the public about the foreseeable adverse affects of SB 1070. Check out George's tweet. Check out Shakira's CNN Interview. Do you agee with them?  --FindLaw Sarah 23:48, 30 April 2010 (UTC)

Boycotts against Arizona Immigration Law

The Los Angeles City Council voted on May 12, 2010 to ban most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in that state. This action was approved by a 13-1 vote and fell short of a complete boycott of all the city's contracts with Arizona companies valued at approximately $58 million. Council members compared Arizona's Action to what the Nazi Germans did in the Holocaust.[1] Does this comparison make sense? What do think? --FindLaw Sarah 21:53, 12 May 2010 (UTC)

Arizona bans ethnic studies in public education

HB 2281 prohibits a school district or a charter school from including in its program of instruction any courses or classes that are designed primarily for pupil of a particular ethnic group. This bill arrives at the heels of SB 1070 which imposes stringent immigration reform in Arizona.[2] It's a busy governing season in the Grand Canyon State! --FindLaw Sarah 16:29, 13 May 2010 (UTC)

Thousands in Phoeniz protest Arizona's immigration law

On May 29, 2010, tens of thousands of protestors marched five miles to the state Capitol against Arizona Senate Bill 1070. Demonstrators traveled from as far as Rhode Island and Louisiana. On the same day, several thousand supporters of the law filled most of the ballpark in Tempe. Groups such as "Hit the Road Jack" and "Tea Party" spoke against the legislation and many hispanic supporters also participated.[3] --FindLaw Sarah 16:20, 1 June 2010 (UTC)

Agree With SB 1070

Truth - I agree with Arizona's Bill 1070. Being a female Hispanic (5th gen.) in a "border state," with a former governor who passed out driver's licenses like they were door prize tickets, gives me well enough reason to agree. It's us worker bees that pay and pay and pay for every undocumented illegal immigrant and anchor baby family - and they are not just from Mexico - that decided to reside here. It's easy for celebrities like George Lopez, etc., to say its wrong - BUT they have the money to support them. When you consider celebrity tax brackets, of course you'll see they're above and beyond paying taxes. WE are not. When Arizona proposed this law and made an attempt to pass it, a large number of the 10,000 illegals that chose to leave right then, came here. Now our schools are even more overcrowded, and are so under funded, it's taking away from our children and their futures.  Our unemployment rate and uiclaims, as well as other government funded programs are trying to stretch nothing into quadruple nothing. And God forbid (yes I did say GOD) a senator, a councilman, a commissioner, a state/house representative...give up any of their easily earned six figure incomes to relieve those of us who paid for all their brilliant bailouts, (and which they are now getting a piece of...ironic doesn't even begin to describe our current economic state). Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against immigration, JUST DO IT LEGALLY!! C'mon...somethings gotta give besides those of us who can't even afford to enjoy living because we have to work to pay not only our own, but someone else's, else's, else's medical, education, utility, car, home, daycare bills. Oh and feed them too. And, while these illegals are waiting for their applications to be approved, they need to start learning how to read, write and speak English, learn our constitutional, civil, human and judicial laws, and agree to enlist in any one of our fine military branches - without whom there is no US.  And in their spare time, they need to make demands on their own governments... Like I said, it's easy for someone with a six figure income to say it's wrong for those of us [who are tired] to agree with Arizona Bill 1070. I say they're wrong. Rules are Rules and Laws are Laws - but they only pertain to those of us who have no say...apparently. Thank you, please pull forward... --KuriousKitty 04:27, 21 November 2010 (UTC)


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