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Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

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Effective July 1, 2010 all Puerto Rican birth certificates became invalid and individuals would have to apply for new technologically-secured documents for official purposes such as obtaining a passport.[1]

The Puerto Rican law was enacted as a result of rampant identity fraud associated with Puerto Rican birth certificates.

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Individuals born in Puerto Rico, which is in the U.S. commonwealth, are considered U.S. citizens at birth.[2] This facilitates easier access to the U.S. for anyone with a Puerto Rican birth certificate, which has led to increased fraud.

Puerto Rican Birth Certificates and U.S. Identity Fraud

It is reported that up to 40% of US passport fraud cases emanate from unlawful access and use of Puerto Rican birth certificates.[3]

Given that Puerto Rican institutions like schools physically retained birth certificates, thieves could quickly gain access to hundreds of valuable hispanic named birth certificates to sell on the black market for up to $10,000.

Puerto Rican Law

The new law in Puerto Rico, Law 191 2009, applies to individuals who were born in Puerto Rico, regardless of age. However those who are 60 years or older can obtain a new birth certificated for a discounted cost. [4]

The law also makes it illegal for local institutions to retain birth certificates.[5]


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