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CurfewCuriaCuria Regis
Current AccountCurtesyCurtilage
Custodial InterrogationCustody
Customs DutiesCy PresCyberbullying
César Estrada ChávezDNA Evidence
DWIDaisy Lee Gatson BatesDamages
DamnumDane Shulman Associates, LLCDanelage
Dangerous InstrumentalityDaniel ChipmanDaniel Webster
Daubert Test
David DavisDavid Dudley Field
David E. CookDavid Gouverneur Burnet
David Hackett SouterDavid HumeDavid Josiah Brewer
David P. Beeson AssociatesDavid Wilmot
Davis-Bacon Act
Davis Polk & WardwellDay CertainDay in Court
Days of GraceDeVore, Acton Stafford, P.ADe Bonis non Administratis
De FactoDe JureDe Minimis
De NovoDead Man's StatutesDeadly Force
Death WarrantDeath and Dying
DebentureDebevoise & Plimpton LLPDebit
DebtDebt Poolers
DebtorDecalogue Society of LawyersDecedent
DeceitDecennial Digest®Decision
Decision on the MeritsDeclaration
Declaration of IndependenceDeclaration of TrustDeclaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms
Declaratory JudgmentDecreeDedication
Deed of TrustDeemDefalcation
DefamationDefaultDefault Judgment
Defeasance ClauseDefeasibleDefect
DefendantDefenseDefense Department
Defense Research InstituteDefense of Marriage Act of 1996Defense of property
DeficiencyDeficiency JudgmentDeficit
DegreeDel CredereDelectus Personae
DemeanorDemiseDemocratic-Republican Party
Democratic PartyDemonstrative Evidence
Demonstrative LegacyDemurDemurrage
DemurrerDennis J. BanksDennis v. United States
DependentDependent Relative Revocation
Dependent StatesDepletion AllowanceDeponent
DepositoryDeposits in Court
DepreciationDeputyDerivative Action
Derivative EvidenceDerogationDerrick Albert Bell Jr.
DescentDescent and Distribution
Descriptive Word IndexDesertionDesk Audit
Determinate SentenceDeterminationDeterrence
DeviseDewey & LeBoeuf LLPDewey Decimal System
Digital Millennium Copyright ActDilatoryDilatory Plea
DiligenceDiminished CapacityDiminution
Dimond Kaplan Rothstein, P.A.Diplomatic AgentsDiplomatic Immunity
DirectDirect EvidenceDirect Examination
Direct Loan ProgramDirect TaxDirected Verdict
Disability DiscriminationDisaffirm
DisallowDisaster ReliefDisbar
DischargeDisciplinary RulesDisclaimer
DiscontinuanceDiscoveryDiscretion in Decision Making
Discretionary TrustDiscriminationDisfranchisement
DismissalDisorderly ConductDisorderly House
DisparagementDisparate ImpactDisposable Earnings
DispositionDispositive FactDispossession
DistributorDistrictDistrict Court
District and Prosecuting AttorneysDistrict of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia v. Heller
Disturbance of Public MeetingsDisturbance of the PeaceDivers
Diversity of CitizenshipDivestDividend
Divine Right of KingsDivorce
Doctrine of Equality of StatesDocumentDocument of Title
Documentary EvidenceDoes officer have time period to provide notes regarding alleged traffic violation?Doing Business
Dollar, Burns Becker, L.C.DomainDomain Name
DombecDomesday BookDomestic
Domestic Partnership LawDomestic ViolenceDomiciliary Administration
DominantDominant CauseDominion
Don't Ask Don't TellDonahey Law FirmDonative
Dorman Bridgman EatonDormantDorothea Lynde Dix
Double EntryDouble Indemnity
Double InsuranceDouble Jeopardy
Double Taxation AgreementsDoubt
Douglas Howard GinsburgDower
Down PaymentDraconian LawsDraft
DrafterDrainDramshop Acts
Drazin and WarshawDred Scott v. Sandford
Driving Under the Influence (DUI / DWI)Droit
Drug CourtsDrug Enforcement AdministrationDruggist
Drugs and NarcoticsDrunkard
DrunkennessDual Nationality
Duces TecumDueDue Date
Due NoticeDue Process Clause
Due Process of Law
DuelingDuke Law School
DummyDuressDurham Rule
DutyDuty of Tonnage
Dwight David Eisenhower
Dyer ActDying Declaration