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PardonParens Patriae
Parent CompanyParent and ChildPari Causa
Pari DelictoPari MateriaPari Passu
ParityPark Benjamin
Parliamentary LawParody
Parol EvidenceParolePartial Verdict
Particular Average LossParticularsParties
Party WallParty of the First PartPass
PassimPassportPat. Pend.
Patent WritPatent and Trademark OfficePatents
PaternityPaternity SuitPatient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Patients' RightsPatricia IrelandPatricia Mcgowan Wald
Patrick Anthony McCarranPatrick Henry
Patrick Joseph BuchananPatronagePatty Hearst
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & WalkerPaul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLPPaul Giannetti
Paula Louise EttelbrickPauperPawn
PaymentPeace BondPeace Officers
PeersPell GrantPen Register
PenalPenaltyPendent Jurisdiction
Pendente LitePendingPenitentiary
Penn Central Transportation v. City of New YorkPennoyer v. NeffPennsylvania Constitution of 1776
Penny StocksPenologyPension
Pent RoadPenumbraPeonage
PeoplePeople for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsPer
Per CapitaPer CuriamPer Quod
Per SePer StirpesPercentage Lease
Peremptory ChallengePeremptory RulingPerfect
Permissive CounterclaimPerpetrator
Perpetuating TestimonyPerpetuation of EvidencePerquisites
Perry v. SchwarzeneggerPersonPersonal Actions
Personal InjuryPersonal JurisdictionPersonal Property
Personal RepresentativePersonal ServicePersonalty
Persuasive AuthorityPeter Vivian DanielPetit Jury
Petit LarcenyPetitionPetition in Bankruptcy
PetitionerPetitory ActionPetty Offense
PharmingPhiladelphia LawyerPhilander Chase Knox
Philip Pendleton BarbourPhoto LineupPhyllis Stewart Schlafly
Physical FactPhysicians and Surgeons
PicketingPierce ButlerPierson v. Post
PilotPimpPinkerton Agents
Pinkerton v. United StatesPiracyPlagiarism
Plain-Error RulePlain-Meaning Rule
Plain View DoctrinePlaintiff
Plaintiff in ErrorPlanned Parenthood v. CaseyPlat
PleaPlea BargainingPlea in Abatement
Plea in BarPleadingPledge
Plessy v. FergusonPluralityPoaching
Pocket PartPointPoison
Poison PillPolice
Police Corruption and Misconduct
Police PowerPolicy
Political Action CommitteePolitical Campaign Law
Political CrimePolitical Question
Political TrialPoll Tax
Polling the Jury
Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Co.Polls
Ponzi SchemePopular Name TablesPornography
Portee v. jaffeePosecai v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Positive EvidencePositive LawPositivism
Posse ComitatusPossessionPossessory Action
Possessory WarrantPossibility of ReverterPost Mortem
Postconviction RemediesPostdatePosthumous Child
PostingPostmarital AgreementPotter Stewart
Pour-OverPowell v. AlabamaPower
Power of AppointmentPower of Attorney
Power of SalePower of TerminationPractice
Practice of LawPraecipe
PreamblePrecatory LanguagePrecedent
PreceptPrecinctPreclusion Order
PreemptionPreemptive Right
PreferencePreferred StockPrejudice
Prelaw EducationPreliminary HearingPreliminary Injunction
Premarital AgreementPremeditate
Preponderance of EvidencePrerogativePrerogative Writ
PrescriptionPresentPresentence Investigation
PresentmentPresentsPresident of the United States
Presidential PowersPresumption
Presumption of InnocencePretermitted Heir
Pretrial ConferencePretrial PublicityPrevailing Party
Preventive DetentionPrice-FixingPrice Law Firm
Prigg v. PennsylvaniaPrima FaciePrimary Authority
Primary EvidencePrime Lending RatePrimogeniture
PrincipalPrincipal and SuretyPrinciple
Printers Ink StatutePrior Inconsistent StatementsPrior Restraint
PrisonPrisoners' Rights
PrivacyPrivacy Act of 1974
PrivatePrivate Attorney General
Private BillPrivate International LawPrivate Law
Private PolicePrivate RoadsPrivateer
Privilege against Self-IncriminationPrivileged Communication
Privileges and Immunities
PrivityPrivyPrivy Council
PrizePrize CourtsPrize Law
ProPro BonoPro Forma
Pro Hac VicePro RataPro Se
Pro TantoPro TemProbable Cause
ProbativeProcedural LawProcedure
Process ServerProcess serviceProclamation
Product LiabilityProfanity
Professio JurisProfessional ResponsibilityProffer
ProfitProfit a PrendreProgressive Party
Progressive TaxProhibition
Prohibition PartyPromisePromissory Estoppel