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  • ...407 [1992], the U.S. Supreme Court held that the FCLAA had preempted state law damage. In effect, because tobacco companies were federally mandated to inc ...derage smokers and to reduce the federal deficit. The bills did not become law, however.
    37 KB (5,554 words) - 17:05, 16 March 2010
  • ...ided additional welfare benefits, including medical care (<span>[[Medicaid|Medicaid]]</span>), public housing, food stamps, and Supplemental Security Income (S ...up with a new welfare plan that meets new federal criteria. Under the 1996 law, federal funds can be used to provide a total of only five years of aid in
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  • Workers' compensation law is governed by statutes in every state. Specific laws vary with each jurisd ...se injury is covered by the workers' compensation statute loses the common-law right to sue the employer for that injury, but injured workers may still su
    21 KB (3,369 words) - 22:05, 4 February 2010
  • ...an>[[Centers_For_Medicare_And_Medicaid_Services|centers for medicare &amp; medicaid services]]</span>; the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; the Cent ...ed to health and human services. In addition, the secretary is required by law to submit to the president and to Congress periodic reports that explain ho
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  • ...span>[[Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services|centers for medicare and medicaid services]]</span> (CMS), health care expenditures grew 6.5 percent per year One major area within health care law is <span>[[Medical Malpractice|medical malpractice]]</span>, which is profe
    28 KB (4,246 words) - 16:50, 6 May 2010
  • ... and outpatient services. The federal government helps the states fund the Medicaid Program, and the states administer it. Medicare, Part A, initially covered ...ate indemnity insurers charge premiums and pay the bills, and the Medicare-Medicaid system, where taxes
    15 KB (2,306 words) - 17:01, 16 March 2010
  • ...h an obligation can be enforced. The Supreme Court cases deal with federal law, or principles of federal pre-emption when federal laws and state laws are Federal Medicaid law does not authorize a state's department of health services to assert a lien
    2 KB (389 words) - 17:33, 7 June 2011
  • ...otection and Affordable Care Act is a federal statute that was signed into law by [[Barack Obama|President Barack Obama]] on March 23, 2010. {{Emerging law}} <br>
    7 KB (992 words) - 23:51, 13 December 2010

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