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  • ... their judicial appointments. However, the skirmish involving the midnight judges had a much broader significance: it belonged to a fight that had begun shor ...nse of the states. The act added six new federal circuits with sixteen new judges. As a final measure, they also added dozens of new justices of the peace to
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  • ...on southern courts, typically for personal gain. "Carpetbag" refers to the judges's practice of carrying their possessions with them in carpetbags.</i></p> ...in the South. A large number of these judges were known as "carpetbagging" judges because they were northerners who had relocated to the South for personal g
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  • ...nd during the latter part of the common-law era (about the year 1600) when judges began to hold that an act alone could not create criminal liability unless
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  • ...ay, actions against <span>[[Administrative Law|administrative law]]</span> judges, charges of merit-system violations, and prohibited personnel practices, in
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  • ... their judicial appointments. However, the skirmish involving the midnight judges had a much broader significance: it belonged to a fight that had begun shor ...nse of the states. The act added six new federal circuits with sixteen new judges. As a final measure, they also added dozens of new justices of the peace to
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  • ...litary judge's role is similar to that of a civilian trial judge. Military judges do not determine penalties and may only instruct the members of the court, ...udge Advocate General]]</span>&nbsp;of the appropriate service branch. CCA judges do not have tenure or fixed terms. They serve at the pleasure of the judge
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  • ...liam O. Douglas|William O. Douglas]]</span> wrote: "I do not think we, the judges, were ever given the constitutional power to make definitions of obscenity.
    8 KB (1,290 words) - 21:18, 3 March 2011
  • ... law, spending time discussing legal issues with his father and with other judges and attorneys who were family friends. As a result, after two years at Yale
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  • <p>The ALI was founded in 1923 by a group of American judges, lawyers, and law professors. Its goal was to resolve uncertainty and compl
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  • <p>Members of the American Law Institute (ALI), a group of judges, lawyers, and legal scholars whose purpose is to clarify and improve the la <p>In addition, the MPC's influence is felt in the courts, where judges often rely on the code when handling substantive criminal law decisions. It
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  • ...s and students argue them before professors or other lawyers, who serve as judges. Hypothetical cases often address matters of current political and constitu ...five to ten minutes, to convince the panel. As with real appellate courts, judges on the panel are free to interrupt the student advocate frequently and at a
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  • ...atural Law|natural law]]</span> <i>of constant values and rules, and which judges all persons equally, irrespective of individual circumstances or cultural d
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  • ...glish tradition. According to Young, the application of common law allowed judges too much latitude to impose standards that did not comport with public will .... He attempted to blunt their impact by urging the legislature to prohibit judges from using common-law precedent in Utah. On January 14, 1854, the legislatu
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  • ...ty's case that justice cannot be served—often are made orally. Sometimes judges themselves take action on
    7 KB (1,100 words) - 20:50, 23 February 2010
  • ...ment personnel often consider potential motives in detecting perpetrators. Judges may consider the motives of a convicted defendant at sentencing and either
    4 KB (603 words) - 18:55, 24 February 2010
  • ...ial discovery" in advance of trial. The panel is composed of seven federal judges based throughout the United States, who have been appointed by the chief ju ... have been employed to deal with complex litigation. States have appointed judges to oversee product liability cases involving products such as asbestos, bre
    4 KB (689 words) - 23:37, 5 February 2010
  • ... Supreme Court retirements would lead President Bush to appoint a judge or judges who might vote to reverse <i>Roe v. Wade</i>, given the opportunity.</p>
    4 KB (683 words) - 15:56, 2 December 2009
  • ...<span>[[Human Rights|human rights]]</span> in the state of nature, federal judges have identified the liberties protected by the Due Process Clauses through
    26 KB (3,936 words) - 21:59, 8 January 2010
  • ...om publishing anything that did not conform to the good taste of Minnesota judges. The Minnesota Supreme Court upheld the law and the order against Near, pav
    8 KB (1,229 words) - 21:18, 3 March 2011
  • ...o was deprived of unabridged <span>[[Veto|veto]]</span> power, because the judges of the Council of Revision could overrule him.</p>
    7 KB (1,118 words) - 15:58, 2 December 2009
  • ...ion as states. A government composed of a governor, a secretary, and three judges appointed by Congress was established in the region north of the Ohio River
    3 KB (400 words) - 16:01, 2 December 2009
  • ...bers from the district, to forward recommendations to her. All five of the judges Norton ultimately recommended to the president had been active in D.C. lega ... of the city's budget, and for the right of D.C. residents to choose local judges.</p>
    7 KB (1,219 words) - 16:01, 2 December 2009
  • ...appointed or elected in a manner similar to the election or appointment of judges. However, as trade with Europe began, the demand for notaries increased bec
    9 KB (1,467 words) - 16:01, 2 December 2009
  • ...ion camp commandants who ordered the extermination of their prisoners, and judges who upheld Nazi practices.</p> ...shed the International Military Tribunal (IMT), which was a panel of eight judges, two named by each of the four Allied powers. One judge from each country a
    28 KB (4,372 words) - 16:02, 2 December 2009
  • ... the parties in order to recognize the existence of a contract, or whether judges were required to view the external acts of the parties and then determine, ...s and early 1900s adhered to the objective theory of contract. Among these judges and scholars were <span>[[Christopher Columbus Langdell|Christopher Columbu
    5 KB (916 words) - 16:03, 2 December 2009
  • This test permitted judges to look at objectionable words or passages without regard for the work as a
    16 KB (2,426 words) - 17:19, 6 April 2010
  • ...in Washington, D.C. There are also three regional offices where commission judges are stationed.</p>
    7 KB (1,076 words) - 16:04, 2 December 2009
  • ...icle"><p><i>An all-inclusive term for any type of court employee including judges, clerks, sheriffs, marshals, bailiffs, and constables.</i></p>
    278 B (46 words) - 16:04, 2 December 2009
  • ...ersons accused of small crimes. When these measures proved unsatisfactory, judges began calling upon groups of people in the community to make decisions. As
    3 KB (594 words) - 16:07, 2 December 2009
  • ...r, lasting until the sixteenth century. For a long period of time, English judges were selected only from the order.</p> ...inent legal scholarship and leadership among law students, law professors, judges, and practitioners.</p>
    3 KB (420 words) - 16:07, 2 December 2009
  • <div type="article"><p><i>The theory of interpretation by which judges attempt to ascertain the meaning of a particular provision of a state or fe ...riginalism, or intentionalism, the theory of original intent is applied by judges when they are asked to exercise the power of <span>[[Judicial Review|judici
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  • ... in a particular court or for the trial of a designated action. A group of judges of a lesser number than the entire court convened to decide a case, such as
    740 B (131 words) - 16:10, 2 December 2009
  • ...any, New York, on November 8, 1838, into a family of prominent lawyers and judges. He attended private schools and studied abroad as a young man. He read the
    5 KB (747 words) - 16:13, 2 December 2009
  • ...dent. The president could not exercise any power&#x2014;whether appointing judges or commanding the state's militia&#x2014;without the consent of a majority ...ts on lawmakers, so did it look skeptically at the judiciary. Pennsylvania judges were not given independence. The legislature could revoke judgeships, which
    6 KB (890 words) - 16:14, 2 December 2009
  • ...n fact, more than half of its original uses can be attributed to just four judges: <span>[[Oliver|Oliver]]</span> <span>[[Wendell Holmes, Jr.|WENDELL HOLMES,
    5 KB (882 words) - 16:15, 2 December 2009
  • ...y before the election (M.S.A. § 203B.04[2]). Each county enlists election judges to deliver absentee ballots to hospitalized voters (M.S.A. § 203B.11[3]). The two state circuit judges who reviewed the issues decided that, despite irregularities, the ballots s
    15 KB (2,288 words) - 00:27, 7 January 2010
  • ...sions quickly to keep the proceedings moving on schedule. For this reason, judges are given wide latitude in making evidentiary rulings and will not be over- ...i, Michael A. 2002."Polygraph Evidence OK to Prove Probable Cause, Circuit Judges Say; No Abuse of Discretion in Relying on 'Lie Detector' for Limited Purpos
    5 KB (710 words) - 16:29, 11 December 2009
  • ...merican experience is that law books were scarce in the colonies, and many judges were laymen. The most rigid applications of technical formalities came duri
    4 KB (634 words) - 23:49, 3 February 2010
  • ...span>[[Rules Of Law|rules of law]]</span> is neither simple nor automatic. Judges have considerable latitude in interpreting the statutes or case law upon wh ...re of the Judicial Process'', argued that the law is evolutionary and that judges, by interpreting and applying it to specific sets of facts, actually fashio
    6 KB (853 words) - 01:54, 7 January 2010
  • ...istrative agencies, <span>[[Administrative Law|administrative law]]</span> judges (ALJs), who hear agency claims and disputes, are loath to overturn the lega
    20 KB (2,825 words) - 17:44, 14 December 2009
  • ... the various courts, and report the results four times a year to the chief judges of the circuits. This allows the federal courts to analyze and plan for the ... the courts, together with certain statistical data submitted to the chief judges of the circuits. This report also contains the director's recommendations o
    10 KB (1,496 words) - 17:54, 14 December 2009
  • ...ourts that approve these adoptions are located in metropolitan areas where judges may be more liberal than their rural counterparts.
    41 KB (6,418 words) - 22:09, 28 June 2011
  • Finally, judges, prosecutors, and other state officials have increasingly realized that pro
    10 KB (1,488 words) - 00:17, 25 February 2010
  • ...s, English judges were still biased by their ties with the Crown, and U.S. judges were often politically partisan. U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice <span>[[J ...sitive to individual rights than are adversarial courts, and inquisitorial judges, who are government bureaucrats (rather than part of an independent judicia
    10 KB (1,491 words) - 21:15, 28 May 2014
  • ... government positions, including cabinet members, ambassadors, and federal judges. However, these powers are conditioned upon the advice and consent of the S
    2 KB (325 words) - 18:44, 11 December 2009
  • ...adopt advisory jury findings unless they are clearly erroneous while other judges consider the findings an additional piece of evidence to be weighed in deci
    3 KB (419 words) - 18:20, 4 February 2010
  • ...e sometimes authorized to take affidavits. Unless restricted by state law, judges may take affidavits involving controversies before them.
    7 KB (1,054 words) - 22:20, 23 February 2010
  • ...ired by law. Two quasi-judicial agencies, the Office of Administrative Law Judges and the Board of Contract Appeals, adjudicate cases and decide contract dis
    13 KB (1,795 words) - 20:50, 18 December 2009
  • ...n Great Britain and Germany. After three weeks of discussion, the panel of judges voted in favor the United States' position.
    5 KB (860 words) - 18:32, 11 December 2009
  • ...ecific guidelines to attaining this broad goal: instead of telling [[Judge|judges]] how and when to award alimony, most courts simply [[Grant|grant]] them br ...er than winning one after the divorce). Or the judge may award no alimony; judges are not required to award alimony.
    15 KB (2,410 words) - 22:09, 28 June 2011
  • ...t each is an alternative to full-blown litigation. Litigants, lawyers, and judges are constantly adapting existing ADR processes or devising new ones to meet State legislatures have similarly provided for ADR in many of their statutes. Judges in Florida, for example, possess authority to submit most types of cases to
    15 KB (2,368 words) - 21:22, 28 May 2014
  • ...umably not needed and were often restricted or prohibited from practicing. Judges were ordinary men who used unpolished methods of questioning to determine t ... secured a living as legal practitioners. It was also feared that lawyers, judges, and legislators would band together to control society, depriving the comm
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