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U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2010

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The National HIV/AIDS Strategy (also called NHAS) for the United States was introduced in July 2010 with the primary goals of: (1) reducing HIV incidence; (2) increasing access to care and optimizing health outcomes; and (3) reducing HIV-related health disparities.[1]

NHAS is the first national, comprehensive implementation and development plan to address Acquired_Immune_Deficiency_Syndrome HIV and AIDS in the United States.

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In his bid for election, President Barack Obama promised to create a comprehension plan to research and address HIV and AIDS in the United States.[2]

In 2009, the Obama Administration introduced a plan called the Act Against AIDS which allocated $45 million towards treating AIDS but does not address prevention. [3]

Qualitative Goals NHAS

Qualitative Goals of NHAS include[4]:

  1. intensifying HIV prevention efforts in communities where HIV is most heavily concentrated
  2. expanding targeted efforts to prevent HIV infection using evidence-based approaches
  3. education all Americans about HIV threat and prevention
  4. establishing continuous and coordinated care for those infected with HIV
  5. increasing number and diversity of clinical care providers for people living with HIV
  6. supporting individuals living with HIV with co-occurring health conditions and those with other needs
  7. reducing HIV mortality in communities in high risk of HIV infections
  8. adopting community-level approaches to reducing HIV infection in high-risk communities
  9. reducing stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV
  10. increasing coordination of HIV programs across Federal government and between federal agencies and state, territorial, tribal, and local governments
  11. developing improved mechanisms to monitor and report progress

Quantitative Goals of NHAS to Achieve by 2015

Quantitative Goals of NHAS to Achieve in the next 5 years, by 2015 include[5]:

  • reduce new HIV infections by 25% in the next 5 years;
  • reduce HIV transmission rate in relation to individuals living with AIDS by 30%;
  • increase the percentage of people who know their serostatus from 79% to 90%;
  • increase proportion of newly diagnosed patients linked to clinical care within 3 months of HIV diagnosis from 65% to 85%;
  • increase proportion of Ryan White HIV/AIDS program clients who are in continuous care from 73% to 80%;
  • increase percentage of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program clients with permanent housing from 82% to 86%;
  • increase proportion of HIV diagnosed gay and bisexual men with undetectable viral load by 20%;
  • increase proportion of HIV diagnosed Blacks with undetectable viral load by 20%;
  • increase proportion of HIV diagnosed Latinos with undetectable viral load by 20%;

Funding of NHAS

President Obama pledged $30 million of new funds for the progress and implementation of NHAS.


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