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Formed in 2004 as a combination of the firms Wilmer Cutler Pickering LLP and Hale Dorr LLP, WilmerHale brings a good deal of combined experience and history to the table. Imminently capable of a wide-range of legal services, WilmerHale is perhaps known best for being one of the finest litigation shops around.[1]



With the newly formed WilmerHale, current and prospective clients can take comfort in knowing that someone, somewhere in the organization will likely be able to handle their legal quandary. The collective resources and experience offered at WilmerHale bring practice before the Supreme Court, regulatory experts who formerly held positions within government, and seasoned specialists in a variety of practice areas to the counseling table for anyone who can afford it.[2]

With that in mind, it is also important to note that WilmerHale also offers legal representation to those disadvantaged individuals and entities that cannot afford their services. Dedicated to their pro bono contributions in the law, attorneys at WilmerHale regularly give their time to matters both domestically and abroad that require pro bono representation. Attorneys at WilmerHale can try their hand at pro bono work through various community partnerships, fellowships, and even a legal services center bearing the firm’s name.[3]

Firmly committed to promoting diversity in its ranks, WilmerHale emphasizes inclusion, support, opportunities, and respect for everyone in its organization, believing that such values not only create a more capable firm, but also a better world. WilmerHale backs up its diversity claims through various mission statements and diversity initiatives.[4]

WilmerHale Practice Areas

WilmerHale offers over 40 areas of specialized practice. Its five core practice groups are listed below:[5]

  • Corporate and Transactional
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation/Controversy
  • Regulatory and Government Affairs
  • Securities

WilmerHale Offices

WilmerHale has 12 offices worldwide to meet clients’ needs.[6]

  • Beijing
  • Berlin
  • Boston
  • Brussels
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Oxford
  • Palo Alto
  • Waltham
  • Washington, D.C.

WilmerHale’s headquarters can be found in Washington, D.C.[7]

1875 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Phone: (202) 663-6000
Web: www.wilmerhale.com

WilmerHale Size

WilmerHale employs nearly 1,100 attorneys across its 12 offices.[8]

WilmerHale Recruiting

Associates at WilmerHale praise the flexibility to manage their time and have a good work-life balance, as well as appreciate the types of people around them. Complaints ranged from a lack of perks, to busy partners without much time for instruction, to bureaucracy and long hours.[9]

WilmerHale recruits heavily from on-campus interviews at various law schools. The firm seeks to hire students at or near the top of the class. Judicial clerks are also welcome at WilmerHale and encouraged to apply. Finally, doesn't discriminate against against lateral hires, and encourages experienced attorneys to apply for open positions as well.[10]

Aside from the base salary and an annual performance bonus, WilmerHale also offers a number of other perks and benefits, including: health/dental/vision/life/disability/long-term care insurance, paid parental leave, tech support, four weeks of paid vacation, CLE and bar-related expenses, moving expenses, emergency childcare, domestic partner benefits, gym club membership, on-site cafeteria (Boston and D.C.), 401(k), counseling programs, and parking/commuting programs.[11]

WilmerHale Salary and Bonuses

Associate Base Salary Bonus Range Bonus Comments
Low High Discretionary

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year $185,000 Yes
4th Year

5th Year


Based on June 2007 numbers.

Wilmer Hale has raised salaries twice in 2007 to keep pace with the top of the Boston market Hours (Effective Date: June 2007): 2153 Worked ; 1909 Billed ; no min. Required.[12]


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