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Anthony Sebok

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Anthony Sebok specializes in Tort law and tort theory. He has a Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University and a law degree from Yale. After graduation from law school, he clerked for a federal judge in Philadelphia and in 1992, he began teaching at Brooklyn Law School. His current research interests concern the way in which tort law is used to resolve and remedy social problems, such as smoking and corporate wrongdoing.

Prof. Sebok has written about handgun litigation, Punitive damages, and the differences between European and American tort systems. In 1999 Prof. Sebok was a Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin and in 2001 he will be a DAAD Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Freie Universitat in Berlin, where he will teach American tort law. Prof. Sebok's other interests include legal philosophy, an area in which he has published many law review articles as well as a book entitled "Legal Positivism and American Jurisprudence" (Cambridge University Press, 1998).

Sebok's columns for FindLaw's legal commentary can be found here.


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