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Berkeley Law

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Officially founded in 1950, Berkeley School of Law (commonly referred to as “Berkeley Law” or “Boalt Hall”) is one of the top law schools in the country. The most expensive UC law school, Berkeley Law is also the top ranked UC law school.



The top tier law school is located on the main campus of the University of California, Berkeley and the law students enjoy all the perks of living in the unique college town.Christopher Edley Jr. serves as the current dean for the prestigious law school that has a faculty of 93 talented professors.

The Law School offers students specialized curricular programs in: Business, Law and Economics, Comparative Legal Studies, Environmental Law, International Legal Studies, Law and Technology, and Social Justice. In addition to Law Review, the law school also has numerous journals that students and professors contribute to. The school also offers numerous study abroad programs for students to take advantage of.

Berkeley Law prides itself on pioneering and developing academics around new areas of law. The first law school to begin an Environmental Law program, many Berkeley Law students choose the school for the opportunity to be a part of emerging legal niches.


Berkeley Law was tied for 7th (with University of Pennsylvania School of Law) in the 2010 U.S. News & World Report Rankings. Because of the small class sizes, however, the law school is considered one of the top three selective law schools in the nation.

Tuition is roughly $35,847 a year for residents and $48,091 for non-residents. Known for their numerous financial aid resources, many students are able to graduate with less educational debt that many of their law school contemporaries studying elsewhere.

What They Are Saying

One of the more noteworthy aspects of a Berkeley Law education is the nature of the approach. Employing the Socratic Method, students are taught by intense questioning and mandatory discussion. Another way the school works to encourage discussion and discourage rivalry is by doing away with traditional letter grades, GPAs and class rankings.

When not studying or participating in one of the many clinics Berkeley Law offers, students can enjoy all the activity Berkeley and nearby San Francisco have to offer. The bay area has a thriving legal community and it is no wonder that so many Berkeley Law grads take the California bar and choose to live and practice close to their alma mater.


U.C. Berkeley is known as one of the more liberal universities in the country and the law school certainly follows the same path as the undergrad. In recent times, Berkeley Law professor John Yoo has certainly stirred his share of controversy.

Yoo has been a professor at Berkeley Law since 1993, during which time he worked as part of the Department of Justice’s Legal Counsel during George W. Bush’s Administration and authored the now famous “Torture Memos” that justified certain morally questionable military interrogation techniques as well as warrantless wiretapping.

Notable Alumni

• Earl Warren: Former Chief Justice of the United States

• Dean Rusk: Former Secretary of State

• Jess Jackson: Founder of Kendall-Jackson Wines

• Howard Lincoln: Founder and CEO of the Seattle Mariners

• U.S. Supreme Court Justices: Frank Murphy, William Rufus Day & George Sutherland



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