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Betty Friedan

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Betty Friedan (February 4, 1921 - February 4, 2006) was an American writer, activist and feminist.

Friedan was a leading figure in several women's movements and groups throughout American history. Her book called "The Feminine Mystique" is credited with igniting the Second Wave of the U.S. Women's Movement. She also wrote "Our Wayward Sons."

Friedan cofounded the National Organization for Women ("NOW") in 1966 which endeavors to achieve equality for women in mainstream American society.

After resigning from her role as NOW's first president, Friedan celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment (granting women the right to vote) by organizing a nationwide women's strike for equality. This unprecedented event resulted in 50,000 women marching in New York City thereby emboldening the feminist movement.


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