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Google purchases Admob

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Google announced on November 9, 2009 that it has acquired Admob, the mobile ad platform that has been especially popular on the iPhone, for $750 million. Google has set up a website to explain the benefits of the AdMob acquisition, detailing the rapidly growing (and still very nascent) mobile advertising space. Google also created the graphic below to highlight the differences between its own mobile search ads, and the display ads AdMob shows in applications on the iPhone and other platforms.

Admob was founded by Germany-based British expat Russell Buckley and CEO Omar Hamoui, among others. Admob was one of the few serious players in the market of any scale to be of interest to the likes of Google and it looks like their long-play of building and scaling their reach has paid off.

U.S. antitrust regulators are taking a closer look at Google Inc.'s proposed $750 million purchase of mobile phone marketer AdMob. Google recently revealed that the Federal Trade Commission is reviewing the search giant’s recent $750 million acquisition of mobile ad network Admob. Last week, Google said the FTC has made a second request for further information about the deal.

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