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Social networking

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Social networking is the practice of creating relationships between individuals based on similar interests.

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A social network is a structure made up of individual units and their connection to each other based on interdependent factors (e.g. kinship, common interest, beliefs, knowledge, etc.). Social networking has been around prior to the Internet (e.g. families, business associates, clubs, etc.) However, with the introduction of the Internet, social networking service sites have emerged. The same principles initially applies to these web-based services: networks of individuals interconnected based on some kind of social connection. The Internet has allowed for a greater number of individuals to become connected.

Privacy Concerns

The majority of connections made on social networking service sites are not based on physical interaction, but rather a virtual interaction. Therefore, many of the "friends" individuals are divulging their lives to have never been met in person. This was less the case prior to the adoption of the Internet. Social networks were much smaller and more intimate in nature.

Other privacy concerns with regard to social networks is the Issue of social network providers changing privacy settings, thereby exposing users private information and comments to the public.


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