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H.B.H.R.Habeas Corpus
Habeas Corpus ActHabeas DataHabendum Clause
HabitabilityHabitualHadley v. Baxendale
Hague TribunalHamer v. SidwayHammer v. Dagenhart
Hammontree v. JennerHandgunHannah v. Peel
Hans KelsenHanson v. DencklaHarbor
Harlan Fiske Stone
Harmless Error
Harold Hitz BurtonHarper v. HermanHarriet Beecher Stowe
Harris Harris
Harry Andrew Blackmun
Harry Micajah DaughertyHarry S. Truman
Harvard Law SchoolHatch ActHate Crime
Have and HoldHawkers and Peddlers
Hawkins v. McGeeHaymarket RiotHead of Household
Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)
Health InsuranceHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)Health and Human Services Department
Health care lawHealth care reform 2009
HearingHearing ExaminerHearsay
Heart Balm ActsHeat of Passion
Hedge FundHeir
Helbing Law Office, LLCHeldHelicopteros Nacionales de Colombia, S.A. v. Hall
HenceforthHenry Alfred Kissinger
Henry BaldwinHenry Billings BrownHenry Brockholst Livingston
Henry Cabot LodgeHenry ClayHenry David Thoreau
Henry Delamar ClaytonHenry Dilworth Gilpin
Henry II of England
Henry Jacob FriendlyHenry James Sumner Maine
Henry Lewis StimsonHenry Marie Brackenridge
Henry Peter BroughamHenry Putzel Jr.Henry Stanbery
Henry Ward BeecherHenry WheatonHenry de Bracton
Herbert Brownell Jr.
Herbert Clark HooverHerbert Whittaker Briggs
HereafterHereditamentHeritage Foundation
Hess v. PawloskiHicks v. United StatesHierarchy
High Crimes and MisdemeanorsHighway
HijackingHilder v. St. Peter
Hillary Rodham ClintonHirohito
Hogan LovellsHold Harmless Agreement
Hold OverHolderHolder in Due Course
Holder v. Humanitarian Law ProjectHoldingHolding Company
HolidayHolographHome Rule
Homeland Security Act of 2002Homeland Security Department
Homeless PersonHomeowner's Warranty
Homer Stille CummingsHomestead
Homestead Act of 1862HomicideHonor
Honorary Trust
Horace BinneyHorace GrayHorace Harmon Lurton
Horace Julian BondHorace MannHornbook
Horton v. CaliforniaHostagesHostile Fire
Hostile WitnessHot PursuitHotchpot
House ArrestHouse of Representatives
Housing and Urban Development DepartmentHowell Edmunds Jackson
Hubert Horatio HumphreyHubert Louis Will
Huey Percy Newton
Hugh Swinton LegareHugo Grotius
Hugo Lafayette BlackHuman Rights
Human Rights WatchHundredHung Jury
HuntingHuntley HearingHurtado v. California
Husband and WifeHustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell
Hustler Magazine v. FalwellHymowitz v. Eli Lilly & Co.Hypothecate
HypothesisHypothetical QuestionI.E.
IRSIbid.Ida Bell Wells-Barnett
IdemIdentity TheftIllegitimacy
IllicitIllusory PromiseImmanuel Kant
ImmaterialImmediate CauseImmigration
Immunization ProgramsImpanelImpartial
ImpleaderImpliedImplied Consent
Implied WarrantyImport QuotasImpossibility
Impostor RuleImpostsImpoundment
ImprovementsImputedImputed Knowledge
Imputed NoticeIn BlankIn Camera
In CommonIn EvidenceIn Extremis
In Forma PauperisIn KindIn Lieu Of
In Loco ParentisIn Medias ResIn Pari Delicto
In Pari MateriaIn PerpetuityIn Personam
In ReIn Re Baby M
In Re QuinlanIn Re Winship
In RemIn SpecieIn Terrorem
In re CohnIn re GaultInadmissible
InchoateIncident of OwnershipIncidental
InciteIncomeIncome Splitting
Income TaxIncompatibilityIncompetency
Incompetent EvidenceInconsistentIncontestability Clause
IncorporateIncorporation DoctrineIncorporation by Reference
InculpateInculpatory EvidenceIncumbent
IncurIndefeasibleIndefinite Term
IndependenceIndependent AuditIndependent Contractor
Independent CounselIndependent PartiesIndeterminate
IndexIndex to Legal Periodicals
Indian Child Welfare ActIndiciaIndictment
Indirect EvidenceIndispensable PartyIndividual Retirement Account
Industrial UnionIndustrial Workers of the World
InfantsInferenceInferior Court
InfirmityInformationInformation and Belief
Informed ConsentInfraInfraction
InjunctionInjureInjurious Falsehood
InjuryInland WatersInnkeeper
Innocence ProjectInnocentInnocent Purchaser
Inns of ChanceryInns of CourtInoperative