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Kangaroo CourtKansas-Nebraska Act
Karl Heinrich Marx
Karl Nickerson LlewellynKatherine Murray Millett
Katz v. United StatesKeeton v. HustlerKefauver Investigation and Knapp Commission
Kellogg-Briand PactKelo v. New London
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Kenneth Winston StarrKent State Student KillingsKentucky Resolutions
Keogh PlanKey Numbers®Keycite™
KidnappingKilberg DoctrineKin
King's Bench or Queen's BenchKirkland & Ellis LLP
Kirsh & Good Attorneys At LawKitingKnow-Nothing Party
Know Nothing PartyKnowinglyKorean War
Korematsu v. United StatesKu Klux KlanKu Klux Klan Act
Kulko v. Superior CourtKyllo v. United States
Labor-Management Relations ActLabor Department
Labor Union
Labor lawLaches
Lame-Duck AmendmentLame DuckLand-Use Control
Land GrantLandlord
Landlord and TenantLandmark
Landrum-Griffin ActLanfranc
Lanham ActLapse
LarcenyLasciviousnessLast Clear Chance
Last ResortLatentLateral Support
Latham & Watkins LLPLatin America Privacy LawLaw
Law DayLaw FrenchLaw Journal
Law ManLaw Merchant
Law Office Of Curtis R. Cowan, P.A.Law Office of Elam RousseauxLaw Offices of Charles M. Sabo, P.C.
Law Offices of David G. SmithLaw Offices of Gary Osborne AssociatesLaw Offices of Rheuban Gresen
Law Offices of Robert M. Geller, P.ALaw ReportsLaw Review
Law School Admission TestLaw and LiteratureLaw of Nations
Law of the CaseLaw of the LandLaw of the Sea
Law offices of William C. Babut, P.C.Law school transparencyLawful
Lawrence v. TexasLawsuitLawyer
Lawyer-Witness RuleLayLayaway
Leading CaseLeading Question
League of NationsLeague of United Latin American Citizens
LeaseholdLeast Restrictive Means TestLeave
LedgerLee v. WeismanLegacy
LegalLegal AdvertisingLegal Age
Legal AidLegal AssistantLegal Blogs
Legal CapLegal CauseLegal Certainty
Legal DetrimentLegal EducationLegal Ethics
Legal FictionLegal List Statutes
Legal MalpracticeLegal Minds on TwitterLegal Positivism
Legal ProceedingsLegal PublishingLegal Realism
Legal RepresentationLegal RepresentativeLegal Reserve
Legal ResidenceLegal RightLegal Services Corporation
Legal SpecializationLegal Status of ArcticLegal Tender
Legal TitleLegal historyLegal hold
LegaleseLegalization of marijuanaLegatee
LegationLeges HenriciLegislate
LegislationLegislativeLegislative Acts
Legislative CouncilLegislative CourtLegislative Facts
Legislative HistoryLegislatureLegitimate
Lemon LawsLemuel Shaw
Lend-Lease Act
Leon JaworskiLeopold and Loeb TrialLeroy Eldridge Cleaver
LesseeLesser Included OffenseLessor
LetLetter RulingLetter of Credit
Letter of the LawLetters Patent
Letters RogatoryLetters TestamentaryLetters of Administration
Levees and Flood ControlLeverageLevi Lincoln
Levi WoodburyLevyLewdness
Lewis Franklin Powell Jr.
LexLex Fori
Lex LociLexis®
Libel and SlanderLibelantLibelous
Libertarian PartyLibertarianismLiberty
Library of CongressLicense
LicentiousnessLienLife Estate
Life in BeingLife insuranceLife or Limb
Limitations of ActionsLimitedLimited Liability Company
Limited Liability PartnershipLimited Test Ban Treaty
Lindbergh ActLindbergh Kidnapping
Line of CreditLinealLineup
Linklaters LLP
Liquid AssetsLiquidateLiquidated Damages
LiquidationLiquormart v. Rhode IslandLis Pendens
ListingLitchfield Law SchoolLiteral Construction
Literary PropertyLitigationLittoral Rights
Litvinov Assignment of 1933
Livery Stable KeepersLivery of SeisinLiving Trust
Living WillLizzie Borden
Load LinesLoan CommitmentLoan Shark
LobbyingLocal ActionLochner v. New York
Loco ParentisLocusLodger
Log RollingLogan ActLogging
Logging inLong-Arm Statute
LoopholeLoren Miller
Loretto v. Teleprompter Manhattan CATV Corp.LossLoss of Services
Lost InstrumentsLot
Louis Dembitz BrandeisLouisiana Purchase
Loving v. VirginiaLow-Tide ElevationLoyalty Oath
Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal CouncilLucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar
Lucy StoneLucy v. ZehmerLump-Sum Settlement
Luther MartinLuther Stearns CushingLynching
Lyndon Baines Johnson
M'Naghten Rule
Macpherson v. Buick Motor Co.
Madeleine Korbel AlbrightMagistrateMagna Charta
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
Mahlon PitneyMail CoverMail Fraud
Main PageMaintenanceMajor League Baseball Players Association
MajorityMakerMala Fides
Mala ProhibitaMala in SeMalcolm X
MalfeasanceMaliceMalice Aforethought