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P.C.P.J.Pacific Gas & Electric Co. v. G.W. Thomas Drayage & Rigging Co.
Pacific Railroad ActPacifismPacking
PactPacta Sunt ServandaPactum
Palm offPalpable
Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad CompanyPanderPanel
PaperPaper Chase, ThePar
ParalegalParallel CitationParamount Title
ParcenerPardonParens Patriae
Parent CompanyParent and Child
Pari CausaPari DelictoPari Materia
Pari PassuParityPark Benjamin
Parliamentary Law
ParodyParol EvidenceParole
Partial VerdictParticular Average LossParticulars
PartyParty WallParty of the First Part
Pat. Pend.Patent
Patent WritPatent and Trademark Office
PatentsPaternityPaternity Suit
Patient Protection and Affordable Care ActPatients' RightsPatricia Ireland
Patricia Mcgowan WaldPatrick Anthony McCarran
Patrick HenryPatrick Joseph BuchananPatronage
Patty HearstPaul, Hastings, Janofsky & WalkerPaul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP
Paul GiannettiPaula Louise EttelbrickPauper
PayeePaymentPeace Bond
Peace OfficersPeculationPecuniary
PederastyPeersPell Grant
Pen RegisterPenalPenalty
Pendent JurisdictionPendente LitePending
PenitentiaryPenn Central Transportation v. City of New YorkPennoyer v. Neff
Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776Penny StocksPenology
PensionPent RoadPenumbra
PeonagePeoplePeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PerPer CapitaPer Curiam
Per QuodPer SePer Stirpes
Percentage LeasePeremptory ChallengePeremptory Ruling
PerjuryPermissive Counterclaim
PerpetratorPerpetuating TestimonyPerpetuation of Evidence
PerquisitesPerry v. SchwarzeneggerPerson
Personal ActionsPersonal InjuryPersonal Jurisdiction
Personal PropertyPersonal RepresentativePersonal Service
PersonaltyPersuasive AuthorityPeter Vivian Daniel
Petit JuryPetit LarcenyPetition
Petition in BankruptcyPetitionerPetitory Action
Petty OffensePharmingPhiladelphia Lawyer
Philander Chase KnoxPhilip Pendleton BarbourPhoto Lineup
Phyllis Stewart SchlaflyPhysical Fact
Physicians and SurgeonsPicketingPierce Butler
Pierson v. PostPilotPimp
Pinkerton AgentsPinkerton v. United StatesPiracy
PlagiarismPlain-Error RulePlain-Meaning Rule
Plain View Doctrine
PlaintiffPlaintiff in ErrorPlanned Parenthood v. Casey
PlatPleaPlea Bargaining
Plea in AbatementPlea in BarPleading
PledgePlessy v. FergusonPlurality
PoachingPocket PartPoint
PoisonPoison PillPolice
Police Corruption and Misconduct
Police Power
PolicyPolitical Action Committee
Political Campaign LawPolitical CrimePolitical Question
Political TrialPoll Tax
Polling the Jury
Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Co.
PolygraphPonzi SchemePopular Name Tables
PornographyPortee v. jaffee
Posecai v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Positive EvidencePositive Law
PositivismPosse ComitatusPossession
Possessory ActionPossessory WarrantPossibility of Reverter
Post MortemPostconviction RemediesPostdate
Posthumous ChildPostingPostmarital Agreement
Potter StewartPour-OverPowell v. Alabama
PowerPower of Appointment
Power of AttorneyPower of SalePower of Termination
PracticePractice of Law
PreamblePrecatory Language
Preclusion OrderPreemption
Preemptive RightPreferencePreferred Stock
PrejudicePrelaw EducationPreliminary Hearing
Preliminary InjunctionPremarital Agreement
Preponderance of EvidencePrerogative
Prerogative WritPrescriptionPresent
Presentence InvestigationPresentmentPresents
President of the United StatesPresidential Powers
PresumptionPresumption of Innocence
Pretermitted HeirPretrial ConferencePretrial Publicity
Prevailing PartyPreventive DetentionPrice-Fixing
Price Law FirmPrigg v. PennsylvaniaPrima Facie
Primary AuthorityPrimary EvidencePrime Lending Rate
PrimogeniturePrincipalPrincipal and Surety
PrinciplePrinters Ink StatutePrior Inconsistent Statements
Prior RestraintPrison
Prisoners' RightsPrivacy
Privacy Act of 1974Private
Private Attorney GeneralPrivate BillPrivate International Law
Private LawPrivate PolicePrivate Roads
Privilege against Self-IncriminationPrivileged Communication
Privileges and ImmunitiesPrivityPrivy
Privy CouncilPrizePrize Courts
Prize LawProPro Bono
Pro FormaPro Hac VicePro Rata
Pro SePro TantoPro Tem
Probable CauseProbateProbation
ProbationerProbativeProcedural Law