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  • ...strong><span>[[Gay_Marriage_Legislation|Help us compile an overview of the current state of gay marriage laws in the U.S. Visit the article page now!]]</span> *[[Use Case Consumers|Consumers]]
    4 KB (587 words) - 17:34, 7 January 2011
  • ... lawyers, who serve as judges. Hypothetical cases often address matters of current political and constitutional import.</p> ...gued. They then conduct legal research, finding statutes, regulations, and case law that both support their position and detract from it. An important part
    5 KB (839 words) - 15:51, 2 December 2009
  • ...ernment office, lose their license to practice law, or be deported (in the case of immigrants).</p> ...e advocates of legalized abortion as well as some critics believe that the current legal situation is inadequate. To protect either the rights of the pregnant
    4 KB (670 words) - 15:51, 2 December 2009
  • ...ate and the monthly payments adjust on a regular basis to reflect the then-current market interest. Some ARMs may be subject to adjustment every three months, ...uyer must either pay the balloon loan off in cash or refinance the loan at current market rates.
    15 KB (2,599 words) - 16:38, 16 March 2010
  • ...[Matter Of Law|matter of law]]</span>. In other words, if the facts of the case are not disputed, it is easier, faster, and less expensive for a judge to s ... to establish that there is a genuine dispute about a material fact in the case and that the law does not support a judgment in the movant's favor.</p>
    5 KB (774 words) - 15:52, 2 December 2009
  • <p>While the $200 tax does not seem like much in current dollars, it represented a very large amount in 1934&#x2014;in many cases th ...mes Mcreynolds|james mcreynolds]]</span> famously dismissed the defendants case with this statement: "the absence of any evidence tending to show that poss
    5 KB (910 words) - 15:56, 2 December 2009
  • ... other small progressive parties. In the view of New Party organizers, the current winner-take-all system for political elections has stifled debate that woul ...innesota objected and the New Party sued. The district court dismissed the case, but it was reversed on appeal by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, whic
    5 KB (843 words) - 15:58, 2 December 2009
  • ...he prospective purchaser of an established business may only buy it if the current owner is willing to sign a noncompete agreement. ...es to refrain from working after leaving her or his job. This is often the case in businesses that depend on an established group of customers. A hair salo
    4 KB (604 words) - 22:41, 5 February 2010
  • ...States'', 277 U.S. 438, 48 S. Ct. 564, 72 L. Ed. 944 (1928), was the first case dealing with the issue of whether messages passing over telephone wires are ...ine abandoned, and the holding in ''Olmstead'' is no longer the law. Under current law, in order for <span>[[Electronic Surveillance|electronic surveillance]]
    2 KB (360 words) - 21:20, 3 March 2011
  • ...; the doctors removed a fibroid tumor during the procedure. In yet another case, a doctor assured a man that a proposed operation was simple and essentiall ...developmentally disabled boy was very dependent on the brother. In another case, a court approved a seven-year-old girl's donation of a kidney to her ident
    37 KB (5,823 words) - 22:51, 24 February 2010
  • ... peremptory challenges. Peremptory challenges are granted by statute or by case law. The number of challenges is usually determined by statute, but some ju Beck, Cobrun R. 1998."The Current State of the Peremptory Challenge." ''William and Mary Law Review'' 39 (Feb
    5 KB (742 words) - 23:43, 2 February 2010
  • ...erms are not required to be defined with any particularity. Instead, every case is judged on its own particular facts. Some of the reasons that physicians ...actice or completely bar recovery, depending upon the circumstances of the case.</p>
    22 KB (3,431 words) - 16:17, 2 December 2009
  • Shortly after the ''Adler'' decision, a similar case arose in New Hampshire that received very different treatment by the Suprem ...oncurring opinion. To Frankfurter, the call of the Court was to decide the case by <span>[[Balancing|balancing]]</span> the right of the state to self-prot
    17 KB (2,603 words) - 22:25, 30 August 2010
  • ... modern method of valuing assets in a financial statement by showing their current value in comparison to the gross national product. ...that accounts for his or her administration of the affairs at issue in the case. An accounting is proper for showing how an executor has managed the estate
    9 KB (1,464 words) - 23:49, 4 March 2010
  • ...milarly grappled with judicial review of agency actions. For instance, the case of ''Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. National Resources Defense Council, Inc.'', 46 ...the APA have been undertaken on a number of occasions, alternatives to the current language of the act have failed to garner sufficient support in Congress to
    8 KB (1,158 words) - 14:46, 4 May 2010
  • Codes enacted by medieval port cities and states have formed the current U.S. maritime law. The eleventh-century Amalphitan Code, of the Mediterrane The case law of the United States is rich in the areas of sailors' rights respecting
    16 KB (2,486 words) - 18:15, 31 December 2009
  • ...the bar examination, but only on a limited basis and only for a particular case. Such an attorney must be a member of a bar in good standing of other state ...or statutes governing the registration system, which is used to maintain a current list of all attorneys authorized to practice law in the state. Generally, a
    9 KB (1,439 words) - 00:52, 9 January 2010
  • The Humanitarian Law Project case involved peace and human rights activists who sought an injunction permitti <br> {{Current case}}<br>
    4 KB (500 words) - 17:56, 16 July 2010
  • ...rovide guidance to broadcast licensees regarding compliance with the FCC's case law interpreting the broadcast indecency statute: In 1978, a case arose where a radio station aired George Carlin's monologue, "Filthy Words.
    8 KB (1,111 words) - 23:33, 10 September 2010
  • ...de when the Soviet Union still existed, and did not necessarily conform to current realities. As the war in the former Yugoslavia demonstrated during the earl ...rth Korea, Iraq, and Iran, which were said to be developing—or as in the case of Pakistan, had already developed—nuclear weapons. They pointed to the f
    23 KB (3,575 words) - 00:28, 13 July 2010

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