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  • ...he Democratic National Convention by floating both senators' names for the vice presidential slot on his reelection ticket. In the end, he chose Humphrey.< ... the difficulty of his re-election, dropped out of the race in March 1968. Vice President Humphrey entered the race after Johnson's withdrawal.</p>
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  • ...r Labor Standards Act|Fair Labor Standards Act]]</span> of 1938 (FLSA) (29 U.S.C.A. &#xA7;&#xA7; 201 et seq.). The FLSA culminated a long struggle for stat ...aw was enacted, increases to the minimum wage have been signed into law by Presidents <span>[[Harry S. Truman|Harry S. Truman]]</span>, <span>[[Dwight D. Eisenho
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  • ...r vote in the 1952 election. Nixon served two terms as an unusually active vice president, honing his foreign policy skills during trips to 56 countries. A ...ominated <span>[[Hubert H. Humphrey|Hubert H. Humphrey]]</span>, Johnson's vice president. Nixon defeated Humphrey by a narrow margin. During his first ter
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  • ...ases of <span>[[Impeachment|impeachment]]</span>, involving the president, vice president, or other federal officers, the House of Representatives prepares Articles of impeachment have been drafted against three U.S presidents, <span>[[Andrew Johnson|Andrew Johnson]]</span>, <span>[[Richard M. Nixon|R
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  • Aaron Burr was a soldier, lawyer, and politician and the third vice president of the United States. ...th Amendment]]</span>, which mandated separate balloting for president and vice president.
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  • ...wentieth and Twenty-fifth Amendments set forth the order of succession for presidents who are unable to begin their term or continue in office. ...ress passed the War Powers Resolution (Pub. L. No. 93-148 [ codified at 50 U.S.C.A. ยงยง 1541 et seq.]), which restricts the president's authority to invol
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  • ...executive officer, but the ultimate authority lies with the directors. The vice president fills in for the president when the latter cannot or will not act
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  • ...ison died of pneumonia shortly after his inauguration and was succeeded by Vice President <span>[[John Tyler|John Tyler]]</span>, Crittenden was unable to <p>Following the death of President Taylor and the succession of Vice President Fillmore, Crittenden was offered his old cabinet post as attorney
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  • ...e who will assume public offices, such as the offices of the president and vice president, U.S. senators and representatives, and state and local legislato ...ors be elected every six years. Article II provides that a president and a vice president shall be elected for a four-year term. In 1951, the states ratifi
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  • ...ereas early presidents were selected by a small number of electors, modern presidents are selected by hundreds of electors who represent citizens nationwide; as ...escribing the power and responsibilities of the executive branch has given presidents a great deal of flexibility to increase its size and scope over the years,
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  • <p>Historically, presidents have claimed the right of executive privilege when they have information th ... to executive privilege; rather, the concept has evolved over the years as presidents have claimed it. As the courts have ruled on these claims, their decisions
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  • ...s elected to the Senate and became majority leader in 1955. He was elected vice president of the United States in 1960 and became president on November 22, .../span>, also Jewish. It was assumed that for political reasons, Democratic presidents would appoint a Jewish person to that vacancy. This tradition ended with th
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  • ...[[Calvin Coolidge|Calvin Coolidge]]</span>, of Massachusetts, as Harding's vice presidential running mate.</p> ... to his cabinet chiefs. Rejecting the strong executive leadership style of Presidents <span>[[Theodore Roosevelt|Theodore Roosevelt]]</span> and <span>[[Woodrow
    6 KB (921 words) - 00:01, 3 December 2009
  • ...y affairs and covert operations. Directing the Iran-Contra enterprise were Vice Admiral John Poindexter, national security assistant, and his subordinate, ...North). But it ultimately proved harmful to efforts to prosecute North and Vice Admiral Poindexter.
    20 KB (2,941 words) - 23:13, 6 January 2010
  • ... social politics employed by cabinet members and their wives, particularly Vice President and Mrs. <span>[[John C. Calhoun|John c. calhoun]]</span>, caused ...rse to the tenets of the Constitution. Calhoun resigned from the office of vice president after South Carolina adopted the nullification policy against the
    7 KB (998 words) - 23:33, 9 December 2009
  • ...anaged the state throughout the Civil War, Lincoln selected him to run for vice president in the 1864 election. The pro-Union ticket of Lincoln and Johnson ...peachment might have become a favored political weapon against future U.S. presidents, thereby severely weakening the presidency and removing any incentive for t
    9 KB (1,425 words) - 20:55, 7 January 2010
  • ...ent of the United States, serving from 1963 to 1969. Like three other vice presidents in U.S. history, he assumed the office following the assassination of the p ...lped Kennedy in the southern states, and Kennedy won a narrow victory over Vice President <span>[[Richard M. Nixon|Richard M. Nixon]]</span>.
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  • ...ee served as attorney general of the United States from 1795 to 1801 under presidents <span>[[George Washington|George Washington]]</span> and <span>[[John Adams ...ears later, Lee was more successful in his defense of statesman and former vice president <span>[[Aaron Burr|Aaron Burr]]</span>, who was tried and acquitt
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  • ...bout one thousand students in its 49-year history, including 2 future vice presidents, 101 congressmen, 28 senators, 14 governors, and scores of distinguished st
    10 KB (1,521 words) - 23:58, 2 August 2010
  • ...ial scholars consistently rate Polk among the most effective and important presidents of the United States.</p> ...in Van Buren|Martin van buren]]</span>, who had served as Andrew Jackson's vice president from 1833 to 1837 and as president from 1837 to 1841, was expecte
    11 KB (1,691 words) - 01:42, 3 December 2009

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