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  • *[[Use Case Consumers|Consumers]] *[[Use case Professionals|Legal professionals]]
    4 KB (587 words) - 17:34, 7 January 2011
  • ...hurch, population control, and other groups. The anti-abortion side of the case included representatives from seven different anti-abortion groups and the The three-judge district court combined Roe's case with the cases of Hallford and the Does, but later dismissed the suit broug
    57 KB (8,720 words) - 23:50, 1 July 2010
  • {{Law school case}} ''McCulloch v. Maryland'' is a keynote case, 17 U.S. (4 Wheat.) 316, 4 L.Ed. 579 (1819), decided by the U.S. Supreme Co
    5 KB (899 words) - 16:33, 3 September 2010
  • .... The deputy made a direct appeal to the Supreme Court, which accepted the case for review. ... has under the Constitution; and whether the process that was used in this case was directed toward that purpose. Before addressing those questions, howeve
    6 KB (888 words) - 21:17, 3 March 2011
  • ...ard expansion brought federal and state governments into conflict over the use of land, McKinley was a strong advocate of <span>[[States' Rights|states' r ...Supreme Court Justice <span>[[Joseph Story|Joseph Story]]</span>. When the case reached the high court, the 8-to-1 majority took a far more moderate view.
    4 KB (718 words) - 15:44, 2 December 2009
  • The brutality of the crimes in the Megan Kanka case provided the impetus for laws that mandate registration of sex offenders an ...rom committing new offenses, and offers citizens information that they can use to protect their children.
    11 KB (1,725 words) - 22:43, 15 January 2010
  • ...ple, Article 88 of the UCMJ makes it a crime for a commissioned officer to use contemptuous words against the president, vice president, Congress, and oth ...ry commanders to convene courts-martial on an ad hoc basis to try a single case or several cases of service members who are suspected of having violated th
    35 KB (5,501 words) - 17:05, 30 April 2010
  • The most familiar and popular use of the term ''misprision'' describes the failure to report a crime. In Engl ...Of Fact|question of fact]]</span> that depends on the circumstances of the case. Lying to a police officer satisfies the requirement, but beyond that gener
    6 KB (956 words) - 23:05, 23 February 2010
  • ...al mistake, or a material fact that is mistaken by both parties. In such a case, the party who is adversely affected by the mistake has the right to cancel ...ly one party to the agreement is mistaken about a material fact. In such a case, the party adversely affected by the mistake will not be able to void the c
    8 KB (1,381 words) - 18:53, 24 February 2010
  • ...y, and it outlawed unreasonable discrimination among customers through the use of rebates or other preferential devices. ...ad committed misconduct by making derogatory comments about Microsoft. The case was sent back to another district court judge, who encouraged new settlemen
    12 KB (1,835 words) - 22:39, 5 February 2010
  • ...te 1956 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public bus segregation (the case involved the City of Montgomery) was unconstitutional. <i>Browder v. Gayle< ...es. On December 5, 1955, 90 percent of Montgomery's black citizens avoided use of the public buses.</p>
    6 KB (890 words) - 15:51, 2 December 2009
  • ...[Matter Of Law|matter of law]]</span>. In other words, if the facts of the case are not disputed, it is easier, faster, and less expensive for a judge to s ... to establish that there is a genuine dispute about a material fact in the case and that the law does not support a judgment in the movant's favor.</p>
    5 KB (774 words) - 15:52, 2 December 2009
  • ...lation to the residences of the parties, the scene of the disaster (if the case involves such a situation), the business headquarters of the parties, the l ...e the discovery process to find out as much as they can about each other's case.
    4 KB (689 words) - 23:37, 5 February 2010
  • Some jurisdictions still use the term ''malice aforethought'' to define intentional murder, but many hav ...f an intent to kill when the victim dies. Although the aggressor in such a case did not have the express desire to kill the victim, he or she would not be
    18 KB (2,938 words) - 18:09, 14 April 2011
  • ...ce licenses with every club, radio station, and business office that might use a particular song. Instead publishers and songwriters register with a perfo ...ible for collecting performance royalties on the song-writer's behalf. The use of blanket licenses allows an artist to perform compositions written by ano
    12 KB (1,782 words) - 23:36, 28 May 2014
  • ... that concerned housing discrimination, voting access, jury selection, the use of forced confessions, and access to counsel by indigent persons.</p> ... February 2003 the LDF filed briefs in two major suits that challenged the use of race-conscious criteria in the admissions programs of the University of
    6 KB (925 words) - 22:55, 2 August 2010
  • ...hat this weapon is any part of the ordinary military equipment or that its use could contribute to the common defense." He also noted that many states had
    5 KB (910 words) - 15:56, 2 December 2009
  • ...they also retain unique rights in such areas as hunting and fishing, water use, and <span>[[Gaming|gaming]]</span> operations. In general, these rights ar ...the reservation. This position was reiterated in a 1978 U.S. Supreme Court case, ''United States v. Wheeler'', 435 U.S. 313, 98 S. Ct. 1079, 55 L. Ed. 2d 3
    37 KB (5,905 words) - 23:03, 8 January 2010
  • ..., in all ways not encroaching upon the equal rights of others." In another case the Supreme Court said that the "rights of life and personal liberty are th ...umerated anywhere in the Constitution, guarantees the freedom of adults to use <span>[[Birth Control|birth control]]</span> (<span>[[Griswold v. Connectic
    26 KB (3,936 words) - 21:59, 8 January 2010
  • ...d according to their use. The distinction is particularly important in the case of so-called navigable waters, which are used for business or transportatio ...regulate interstate commerce. This view originated in 1824 in the landmark case of <span>[[Gibbons v. Ogden|gibbons v. ogden]]</span> 22 U.S. (9 Wheat.) 1,
    4 KB (704 words) - 15:57, 2 December 2009

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