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University of Virginia School of Law

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Located in a beautiful scenic setting in Charlottesville, VA, The University of Virginia School of Law was founded in 1819 by the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.



Located in a beautiful scenic setting in Charlottesville, VA, The University of Virginia School of Law was founded in 1819 by the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Virginia Law School often attracts well-rounded law students with top ten caliber academic backgrounds who nevertheless want a relaxed, non-competitive academic experience with a strong social component. The school of law places an emphasis on the interdisciplinary study of law and encourages students to think about the law in the context of other disciplines. The school's goal is to instill a commitment to leadership, integrity, and community service in each of its students.

The law school is proud to uphold the oldest student-run honor system in the country, wherein students learn together, read each other's work, and share course materials, while maintaining high standards regarding academic ethics. The school’s admission criteria match its high standing. Of the 8,560 applicants for the recent entering class, 368 were offered acceptance. The median LSAT was 170 and the median GPA was 3.85.
Paul G. Mahoney became dean of the Law School in July 2008 that has over 90 adjunct faculty members, 17 visiting faculty and over 90 resident faculty members which represents an exceptional diversity of interests and includes leading scholars and acknowledged experts in all aspects of public and private law, both U.S. and international. Tuition to attend University of Virginia Law School is around $40,500 per year for Virginia residents and $45,500 for non-residents.

What attracts students from around the world is the School of Law's variety duel degree programs it offers its students to choose from, including:

  • J.D.-M.A.
  • J.D.-M.B.A.
  • J.D.-M.U.E.P. (Master of Urban and Environmental Planning)
  • J.D.-M.P.H. (Masters in Public Health)
  • J.D.-M.S. (Accounting)
  • External Dual-Degree Programs in Public International Law

The LLM program (Masters in Laws), attracts several dozen students, all holders of the academic degree regarded as their country’s first professional degree in law (equivalent to the J.D. degree) are admitted to the one-year program leading to the LLM degree. Virtually all members of the LL.M. class are from abroad. The Law School also offers the Doctor of Juridical Science degree (S.J.D.), the highest degree in law. Normally, a student is admitted to candidacy for the S.J.D. only after completing the LL.M. For foreign law graduates, the LL.M. program is designed to provide both a broad introduction to American law and legal theory, and advanced training in specialized areas of the law that are relevant to the individual student’s planned career in private practice, academics or public service.

Law students at Virginia enjoy an array of clinics, law journals and courses that offer a wide range of practical training options. Many of the clinics offer contact with clients, build experience with real-world problems. Students also advance their skills through courses in public speaking, trial advocacy and professional responsibility. Some of the notable clinics and scholarly journals focusing on current legal issues are:

  • Appellate Litigation
  • Criminal Defense
  • First Amendment Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Innocence Project
  • International Human Rights
  • Supreme Court Litigation
  • Virginia Environmental Law Journal
  • Virginia Journal of Criminal Law
  • Virginia Journal of International Law
  • Virginia Journal of Law & Technology
  • Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law


The Law School ranks #10 among the top law schools in the country and in areas of specialty, #9 in International Law, #10 in Tax Law according to the U.S. News World Report.

What They Are Saying

According to the "Law Firms Yellow Book," which profiled more than 800 law firms around the nation, University of Virginia is third nationally in the number of alumni who are chairpersons and managing partners at law firms nationwide. Virginia is second only to Harvard Law School in the number of alumni serving as general counsel at leading companies, according to a 2010 Corporate Counsel book, “In-House Law Departments at the Top 500 Companies.”


Law School students at the University Of Virginia came under fire after a picture of a celebration with a confederate flag peer pong plateau. During the month of February, UVA Law has something called Feb Club. Basically, students host themed parties throughout the month. This party featured a live band, dancing, and beer pong. Dozens of University of Virginia’s students attended the party and nonchalantly tossed ping-pong balls into their opponents’ cups on tables adorned with confederate flags.

Notable Professors

  • Benjamin C. Ackerly
  • Claire E. Curry
  • John E. Davidson
  • Erin Trodden
  • Robert F. Turner
  • Stefan R. Underhill
  • Nathan J. D. Veldhuis
  • William R. Waddell
  • R. Craig Wood

Notable Alumni

  • George Allen (1977) - U.S. Senator and Governor of Virginia.
  • Robert Bauer (1976) - White House Counsel, General Counsel of the Obama Campaign.
  • Robert F. Kennedy (1951) - Attorney General of the United States, U.S. Senator from New York, (1968) Democratic Presidential Candidate.
  • Robert Mueller (1973) - Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Janet Napolitano (1983) - U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Governor of Arizona.
  • Woodrow Wilson (attended 1879) - former U.S. President.
  • Jerry Falwell Jr. (1987) - Chancellor, Liberty University.
  • Laura Ingraham (1991) - Radio talk-show host.
  • Michael Slive (1965) - Current commissioner of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), and formerly the first commissioner of both Conference USA and Great Midwest Conference.
  • DeMaurice Smith (1989) - Executive Director, National Football League Players' Association.



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