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What law protects an heir from a family member taking over and selling everything and keeping everything

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I need advice on what to do when a family member a half sister takes over at the death of my sons father he is a legal heir through marriage and these woman took over and has started selling his property telling me her plans for what remains. Claiming that anything of value cannot be found, when in fact my sons' father had promised to give us some money and jewelry a week before. The half sister said she was aware that he had the money and the jewelry but by the time they got there everything was gone. She planned the funeral services without consulting him. And claimed she needed to get her money back from the little he had left and started selling everything. Nothing I said would stop her I told her not to do this and asked her what made her think she had the right she claimed to have consulted a lawyer and he gave her the go ahead. We live in Phoenix Az. he lived in Phelan California. She had the body moved right away to Merced California where she lives. She claims that there is nothing for my son to inheiret to walk away and forget about it. He wasn't even allowed to voice rather he wanted a keepsack or anything. This is his father and he couldn't go to his funeral. And this half sister in the six years we were marriade was never met. Does my son have any rights and how do I make this right is there a court law that she has broken and if I can't afford to hire a lawyer who do I report her to. My son is 35yrs old and he is handicapped when his father came to stay four days with us he told us he was dying, my son has been ill and has had to have a lot of operations so our bills are high he wanted to help us promised us the money he was to come into a $50,000. dollar check and his customed made jewelry to help him get back on his feet but he died before he was able to give it to him. And know he will see or get nothing thanks to this half sister. What can I do?