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Words of Purchase

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Language used in connection with a transfer of real property that identifies the grantees or designees who take the interest being conveyed by deed or will.

The term words of purchase is a technical conveyancing expression, a term of art in real property law that has nothing to do with the ordinary meanings of the word purchase.

The word purchase in the expression means that real property is being transferred by deed or will, not inherited through the laws of descent and distribution. Whether the property is bought or given away, if the transfer is by deed or will, it is a purchase in this usage.

The act or process of acquiring real property by deed or will is called taking by purchase, even though it was a gift. The person who acquires real property by deed or will is called a purchaser, even though this person may have paid nothing.

Words of purchase are the words in a deed or will that tell who takes an interest in real property. The expression is contrasted with words of limitation, which are words in a deed or will that tell how long that interest will last. For example, in a deed to Whiteacre "To A for life," To A are words of purchase, for life are words of limitation.